ElusionHD - Blacklist Appeal

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New member
Jun 25, 2022
IGN (In-Game name): ElusionHD

Your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:167367648

Black Listed by: Beef

Ban date, time & length: Perma Not sure on the exact date and time it was when beef was CM

Admins Black List reason: Due to outburst for being pinged by staff/higher staff

Explain why you were Black Listed and why you believe it was false :
Due to outburst for being pinged by staff/higher staff - So for starters beef had a hated me from the start and him saying i yelled at higherups for pinging me
is just silly and childish i would never outburst at someone for something simple as pinging me maybe if they did it over and over after i asked them nicely a few time
even then that is not a valid reason to yell at some one im an adult im not gonna let something as simple as a ping upset me as far as to yell at them that is what DND is for.

But i know it was false because beef did not like me at all he had been trying to find a reason to remove me. I believe i deserve another chance as my first was stolen from me not only that i loved staffing on DDG on days that i was off work i would put in 12 hours on the server and on work days around 5 i was dedicated to ddg if given another chance at staffing for DDG noting will change as my time at ddg was my best from all my time staffing on GMOD.


Evidence (If none, your appeal might turn up denied):