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Brian's Ban Appel

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May 10, 2022
IGN (In-Game name): Brian

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Banned by: Mewy

Ban date, time & length: 02/06/2022

Admins ban reason: Trying to crash the server

Explain why you were banned: Well I was joking around saying I was trying to crash the server and I was doing dumb shit like spamming harpoons really being a dumbass then I was spamming buying ammo crates then got banned my joke was dumb but I didn't mean any malicious intent I thought I was funny I know by the way I framed myself I look like a minge but I swear I'm not I have been a member of this community for awhile and that day I for some reason thought that would be funny now that I have "Matured" in a since I would like to be given another chance I am sorry for the wrong message that I portrayed I hope I can be given a redemption and a second chance
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Mar 13, 2022


After reviewing and looking into since you did try to crash the server is not aloud what so ever. You're able to ban unban appeal on the ddg store
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