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  1. Hung Lo

    Which summer will be the revival?

    Good questions
  2. Hung Lo

    Darkboy25's Staff Application

    Good dude +1
  3. Hung Lo

    CrimsonKiller823's staff app

    -1 1 day is 24 hours you don’t meet min req for hours plus people in discord pretty much had to tell you how to do your app
  4. Hung Lo

    Tim Tim's Staff Application

    -1 you disrespected the staff team when someone joined to help by saying there’s no hope
  5. Hung Lo

    SilentWraith's Staff App

    +1 they’ve been trying lately they deserve a chance
  6. Hung Lo

    Marios staff report

    +1, how you a senior and break rules as simple as basing in the mines and blocking ore
  7. Hung Lo

    WockWizard's Staff Application

    +1 I dig his discord pic but seems like a cool dude