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  1. Hawks

    unban (Idiot Kid)

    Denied Hi, seems like your name on our website is glitched. Your name at the time was stang805 but the current name you have on steam is "BreadStick". Unfortunately, it seems that you know for a fact that you "rammed" the players base. Players are expected to read the rules once they leave...
  2. Hawks

    trying to get unbenned

    denied you just admitted to alting sorry
  3. Hawks

    Wavey's Staff App (redone)

    denied you were ban within the last week. you may reapply in 2 weeks
  4. Hawks

    The Melon Guy’s Staff application

    denied as i have seen you are a big minge. just ban you 2 days ago and you lied about your warns. you may re apply in 2 weeks
  5. Hawks

    ItzTreywayys Staff App

    denied sorry but you have gotten too many -1s to be staff. you may re apply in 2 weeks
  6. Hawks

    kuwhy's staff app

    sorry but denied even tho you got some good +1s because of how you act on the server and because or your past with us this app is being denied. you may reapply in 2 weeks
  7. Hawks


    DENIED you are really toxic man sorry to say. you may re apply in 2 weeks
  8. Hawks

    essences kid staff app

    DENIED nope just nope. you way to mingy you also act like a total dick to 99% of everyone on the server. Grow up and act mature then we can see until then no
  9. Hawks

    WockWizard's Staff Application

    Accepted Good Staff and community relations welcome to the team
  10. Hawks

    WockWizard's Staff Application

    +1 like this man
  11. Hawks

    General Montgomerys Staff Application

    Accepted good community and staff feedback welcome to the team
  12. Hawks

    Whytho's Staff Application

    ACCSEPTED Great staff and community feedback. welcome to the team
  13. Hawks

    oranges ban appeal

    denied as shown in a clip you showed nitrp.
  14. Hawks

    oranges ban appeal

    under review. i will speak to chungas and get his side
  15. Hawks

    ban for 4 + rdm

    ok buddy your ban from this for a bit
  16. Hawks

    banned for 4 rdm

    why would we have logs form 5 days ago? Just finish out you ban
  17. Hawks

    ban for 4 rdm

    already told you that rdm x 4 is mass aka 5 day ban
  18. Hawks

    SgtPoopCoc's App

    Denied Sorry but i have people telling me that you were telling them to look at and +1 your app Please Wait 2 weeks before re-applying
  19. Hawks

    evil staff ap ! <33

    Denied you were just ban on the 23rd. and you are also way to big of a minge and a racist to be on our staff team.
  20. Hawks

    ban for saying niger

    it will be clasified as racist if your using it in a way the real hard r would be