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  1. essences kid

    kalobsyncs staff aplication

  2. essences kid

    I would like to be unbanned

    i can get him to look at this for yu jus give him a little bit
  3. essences kid

    Which summer will be the revival?

    prolly like a year or two lmao
  4. essences kid

    I would like to be unbanned

    sorry but this is something the cm has to deal with he said u were alting and he found out u were so u were banned this is something for alastor to answer to
  5. essences kid

    unban (Idiot Kid)

    alr but whats idiot kids steam name when he was banned?
  6. essences kid

    unban (Idiot Kid)

    i dont see that ur banned can u ss ur game when u try to go onto the server
  7. essences kid

    unban (Idiot Kid)

    if i may ask was ur steam name different at the time of this?
  8. essences kid

    AppealThe melon guy ban

    -1 nigga u admited it
  9. essences kid

    crack coon

    -1 hard to read and what joe said
  10. essences kid

    Wavey's Ban Appeal

    yeah if u do we can do something abt it but if not just take the ban
  11. essences kid

    lord jesus 2.0

  12. essences kid

    One Word Story

  13. essences kid

    Wavey's Staff App (redone)

    +1 can be a minge but he has room to improve
  14. essences kid

    BluePhoenix Or Yamato I forgot My IG

    fax horn lock this post monkey
  15. essences kid

    One Word Story

  16. essences kid

    xxhotdogisoldxx's staff application

    -1 too much of a minge and i think pass warn limit for staff
  17. essences kid

    Ghoully's Staff App

    +1 ur a nice guy although u are a femboy
  18. essences kid

    Darkboy25's Staff Application

    +1 hes a good guy and was staff before
  19. essences kid

    Farmerzach's Staff Application

    +1 has changed for the best