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  1. Joe

    AppealThe melon guy ban

  2. Joe

    The Melon Guy’s Ban appeal

  3. Joe

    crack coon

    I have never seen you on the server -1.
  4. Joe

    lord jesus 2.0

  5. Joe

    ItzTreywayys Staff App

    -1 racist
  6. Joe

    Wavey's Staff App (redone)

  7. Joe

    furrytime's staff app

    +1 furry
  8. Joe

    xxhotdogisoldxx's staff application

    -1 too much of a minge/racist
  9. Joe

    Hyqocrit's Staff Application

    -1 never seen you on the server
  10. Joe

    kuwhy's staff app

  11. Joe

    Ghoully's Staff App

    -1/+1 will maintain havent seen you around probably me.
  12. Joe

    lord jesus staff app

  13. Joe

    runt staff report

  14. Joe

    Ghoully's Staff App

    dont know if i ever seen you on the server might just be me so ill maintain a -1/+1
  15. Joe

    kuwhy's staff app

    -1 minge and toxic
  16. Joe

    One Word Story

  17. Joe

    Kappa's Ban appeal

    +1 hes a regular dawg
  18. Joe

    Staff application (im back boy)

    i i had a concussion i couldnt dawg