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Recent content by WockWizard

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  1. WockWizard

    crack coon

    -1 little to no effort put into the application
  2. WockWizard

    ItzTreywayys Staff App

    -1 nah it would be in YOUR best interest to never join staff again. I honestly feel that you did this as a joke and not a serious matter. You have shown no dedication being a previous staff member and you continuously annoyed other staff and "did what i wanted to do" kinda attitude which is not...
  3. WockWizard

    Naze Ball's Warn Appeal (3 warns)

    Under Review
  4. WockWizard

    Benji's list appeal

    BP you reek of stale cheetos
  5. WockWizard

    xxhotdogisoldxx's staff application

    -1 minge and racist
  6. WockWizard

    Darkboy25's Staff Application

    +1 good guy plus if hung lo approves yk shits legit.
  7. WockWizard

    furrytime's staff app

    +1 breh get ya ass back on the team.
  8. WockWizard

    runt staff report

    any specific reason for the -1
  9. WockWizard

    kuwhy's staff app

    +1 no minge stop being ass hole and then benis
  10. WockWizard

    lord jesus staff app

    +1 but ima be watching you
  11. WockWizard

    isjushorn Staff report

    ACCEPTED The users involved have been dealt with accordingly.
  12. WockWizard

    isjushorn Staff report

  13. WockWizard

    SOMEONES staff application

    -1 HELL NO absolute minge
  14. WockWizard

    runt staff spplicstion

    +1 idk why 25 cents was even responding to this app (Prob still grieving his demotion). BUT as long as you don't minge i think its worth giving you a shot g
  15. WockWizard

    Staff application (im back boy)