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Recent content by ʍǟʀɨօ

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  1. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Destiny 1 or Destiny 2

    Destiny 1
  2. ʍǟʀɨօ

    One Word Story

  3. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Staff application (im back boy)

    +1 You still have rank
  4. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Corrosion’s Staff Application

    +1 good staff app
  5. ʍǟʀɨօ

    runt staff spplicstion

    +1 Did a good job last time he was staff
  6. ʍǟʀɨօ

    haze staff report

    ACCEPTED I will proceed with the proper punishments
  7. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Admin abuse

    ACCEPTED I already spoke to them from 25 cent app make sure you follow the format next time
  8. ʍǟʀɨօ

    African staff app

    -1 bro you just killed 15 people and prop block and had white lights maxed out. YOU SHOULD NEVER BE STAFF COMPLETE MINGE
  9. ʍǟʀɨօ

    ElusionHD - Blacklist Appeal

    +1 free this man
  10. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Darkboy25's Warn Appeal

  11. ʍǟʀɨօ

    ElusionHD - Staff Application

    +1 good staff app
  12. ʍǟʀɨօ

    essence and horn staff report

    ACCEPTED I will speak to both of them about the emp spam and that they didn't advert raid but they both claim they did not take the money out of the printers. Be carful on who you trust on basing with
  13. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Admin abuse

    Hey can you please follow the format
  14. ʍǟʀɨօ

    Benji's list appeal

    +1 Good staff app and minge has cut down just be more active please and thank you
  15. ʍǟʀɨօ

    African staff app

    -1 I've been hearing things about you having an minge alt so no thanks