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NeXtGamers ban appeal

What do you guys think xD  

5 members have voted

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  1. 1. should i be unbanned?

    • yes
    • no

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In-Game Name: NeXtGamer

Steam ID(https://steamid.io/) : STEAM_0:0:83435072

Staff Member Who Banned You:  Endr0

Reason You Were Banned:  "giveing away private information" 

How Long Is The Ban For: Permanant

Do You Have Prior Bans On DDG: other than 1 mass rdm ban like a year or so ago idk

Why do you believe you should be unbanned(2-3 sentences): well first of all i dont see a valid reason to ban being "giveing away private information" ofc it would be common sense but it was not exactly exposing if endr0 had sent the information himself. exposing hes information would be getting something about him and sending it around but this isnt the case as it was only a phone number that was sent to Misty , i got given it while we were in a call and so did Land. i had no intention of upsetting endr0 clearly went the wrong way it was just surpost to be a prank before i resign and it ended up being extreme

Anything Extra We Should Know: noone responded to dms and i been gettin bored so thought might aswell make an appeal and see what happens 

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Since you 3 can’t be civil. I’m locking this topic. Me,Loli and Tyler will review this.


No other senior is aloud to touch this.

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Based on your attitude lately here on the forums and your constant pic posting of Endro just to bother him I’m going to deny this. If you truely had remorse and were sorry you wouldn’t be doing that. You can reapply in 2 weeks. However if the harassment continues and you continue to shit post I will perma ban you here so you don’t have the ability to reapply.

Misty since I know you will also look at this because you 2 are up each others ass, if you continue to harass Endro as well I will reinstate your perma ban knock it off. You posting on his appeals and other topics just to post not only shows you don’t care but you helped determine this outcome.



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