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🎆PrisonRP will be launching Friday 1/4/2019!!! The Time is not set but most likely 6 PM EST 🎆

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Found 2 results

  1. DDG Cyka Nuggets

    Cyka Nuggets staff app

    How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: 3 years Your Steam Name: reetus Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110265317 Age: 15 Current Rank: VIP Server: PrisonRP Time Played: 708:31:57 Hours in Garry's Mod: 1044 hours Time Zone: BST Rank Being Applied For: Trial Moderator Recommendations: Previous Staff Experience: Senior-Admin on DDG PrisonRP, admin on DDG DarkRP. Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): I want to be staff again because I want to help the server like I tried to before. I will take the more sits then I did before and I will help fellow staff members with jailing people and or banning people. I also want to become staff because I have alot more free time than I used to before and because I know all of the new rules now. I will also try to be a fun staff member to keep the players enjoying their time on the server. What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member:(At least 2 sentences): To be a good staff member, you need to not be biased at any point during sits. You also need to be friendly and get to know each players side of the story when in a sit. Also, you need to be friendly to staff members and help them out when needed and treat anyone the same as how you want to be treated. Why Should We Trust You(At least 4 sentences): You should trust me because I was staff on this server before and also on DDG DarkRP. I might have messed up before in my staff career but everyone learns from their mistakes and I will not make any mistakes like I did before. Also, I was staff for a long time before and alot of players knew me and looked at me as their friend. Also, I am loyal to DDG, I would never do anything to harm this server. Previous Bans: NITRP (False ban). Additional Information: I look forward to becoming staff on this server again, thanks for reading.
  2. DDG Cyka Nuggets

    Cyka Nuggets T-Mod Application

    Your Steam Name: DDG Cyka Nuggets Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:110265317 Age: 14 Current Rank: VIP Time Played: 152 hours Hours in Garry's Mod: 239 Time Zone: United Kingdom (UTC) Rank Being Applied For: T-MOD Recommendations: I don't know what you mean by this. Previous Staff Experience: I've been trusted on a TTT server, not ddg. Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): I want to be staff because I really want to help the community out. Everytime it's early like 3-4 am in America (not sure which timezone) I see propblockers, minges, people who don't follow the rules and since I'm from a different timezone and I'm online when most of this happens I figured out that I could try to help out the server. I also want to become staff because I've been apaprt of the server for almost the majority of the hours I've played GMOD. Furthermore, I really like helping people. I don't know why or how but it just makes me happy. Why Should We Trust You(At least 4 sentences): Well, alot of people on this server pretty much knows me and trusts me most of the time and I help them out in any way possible. Also, I'm starting to play GMOD more and more because I'm losing interest out of all the other games so I could experiment with all the situations that happen in game. Previous Bans: None Additional Information: I'd really, REALLY appreciate it if you accept my application. I took about 45 minutes writing this and fixing grammar and spelling errors. Thank you for reading and I hope I could start helping the server out soon!