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  1. Sorry to see the Gmod server go. The server was always awesome. I started gmod with 4 hours then came upon the server and now I have 480 hours a good portion of that being here. I wanted to say thank you for the awesome opportunity with becoming staff and meeting a lot of people I will truly never forget it. Though I left a bit ago I usually tend to check on the forums and seeing this made me want to post again. I have Rust but my PC unfortuantely can’t run it at the moment but one day would love to check out the server. Good luck with everything and thank you again for all the fun!
  2. So also gonna point out he told me he was banned for minge but never demoted that’s why he is doing this
  3. I do have a video of all the abuse I’m waiting for it to upload
  4. +1 just got kicked for RDM which I just spawned in. I get back in he’s prop spamming then proceeds to pick me up and smash me into walls until I die. He is now some how relogging me and I can’t join. I’m trying to get my recorder up
  5. So me walk back across the room to kill you sounds good. Also please don’t lie saying you were AFK you can see yourself spamming adverts during the whole video. Regardless I’m done posting waiting for a higher up at this point
  6. How is that lack of evidence? You clearly see him standing there multiple times while the guy blantley RDMs. He RDMs me at one point while he’s there also. Plus he(Nuggets) shoots me for no reason which the video clearly shows and I’m sure the logs show also. Either way we will see what a higher up says doesn’t matter the outcome to me figure I would report it
  7. Username/SteamID (Your IGN and Steam ID): Hung Lo STEAM_0:0:22236937 SteamID/Username of the Admin/Mod: ÏŸÏŸ Cyka Nuggets STEAM_0:1:110265317 How long ago did the abuse happen? Maybe 30 mins ago was waiting for video to load In detail explain what happened: In my video you can see Never Wong walk by me in spawn. 2 secs later you can see him get killed by Pug. I walk to leave spawn and you can see pug kill someone. You can clearly see Nuggets in this video watching him do it. I then walk by everyone and you can see I get shot for no reason, i turn around and Nuggets is the only one with a machine gun out. Through the video you can see Pug kill multiple people multiple times ill assume as they are walking out of spawn with Nuggets by his side. Not once did Pug advert anything in order to kill those people he was just randomly killing people as they I then proceed to walk back to spawn and get killed by Pug with again Nuggets sitting there watching. Before I started recording I heard someone say that Pug stated to nuggets if anyone reports me for RDM close the report. But again I wasnt recording. Reason why he/she should be demoted (Must be 2-3 sentences): As a former admin this would have not been tolerated when I was staff. I find it messed up that after coming to see the server from being away for awhile a higher staff member would let someone do this without telling them to stop. As staff you should be held to a higher standard which this admin apperantly doesnt care about that. Something like this would stop me from coming back again since apperantly the staff here has given up. He has been suspended multiple times from what I could see. I feel he should be demoted all together because apperantly he hasn't learned his lesson Do you have any video or screenshot evidence? Yes, however I'm sure you can check the logs also. If yes to the above question paste the links here: http://plays.tv/video/5ac6593c9c7b49cfb8/shit-bag
  8. Hung Lo


    Dude you retarded or something? You have been denied 5 times in the last 24 hours wait 2 weeks
  9. You were alrdy denied you gotta wait 2 weeks to reapply
  10. Soooo if I see the pics correctly first time he said admin mode would have been turning it on he took a sit returned someone and turned it off. Also even if he had admin mode on during the assasination it could have been by mistake stop being butt hurt since you got killed. @Mistral Tide
  11. Someone must have deleted their response because spooky wasn’t the first one like an hour ago lol. But either way +1 never met you but I like your app.
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