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  1. Fine whatever but Like I said I'm new to RP and I didn't break any of those rules I showed and I didn't know the ban limit.

    Oh PS I spoke with True BP and he said that apparently I had 4 bans and the 2 from January and February were someone else which makes sense because I only got my PC in February.

  2. I have read the rules and it says no more than 20 and I only have 6, plus it wasn't really fair because I was unaware that the consequences will lead to getting banned permanently. I want to talk with the manager so that I can explain what happened so he can hear my side of the story. 

    The person who banned my was True BP and he got the wrong idea of what I said to him and I had no intention of doing it on purpose, it was just a joke/mistake that went to far.

    1. NightWolf


      I have read the rules for the perma ban and everything that was shown was not what I did, I simply tassed the admin and made up stuff, I had no intention of getting banned at all.

    2. NightWolf
  3. he likes to watch korean girls dance on youtube


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