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  1. Server: Prison RP Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:90787052 Ingame name: ₪Ziptx₪ Date of Ban: May 6th 2017 Who Banned you: Marine Ban Length: Perm Reasons why I should be unbanned: On the day of my ban I was getting ready to raid PD. When I went in there I thought I hit my PD Raid bind and it didn't show up and I killed 4 police officers ( I compt everyone of them and they forgave me). I talked to some admin or mod whoever it was that I was going to be jailed and I said ok. I sat in jail for 6 minutes. After all of that I saw some cancer staff no clip into his base while it was being raided and I called him out for it and he attempted blackmailed me into not saying anything, I declined and pushed on because I am a stubborn shit and I kept on trying to contact staff and before I could say anything Marine is like " Howdy partner" and bans me. It was funny but I was pissed at the same time. All I would like is to be given a chance. All marine told me was " Ziptx | You have been banned 9 times | You are a minge | Don't make a appeal | Peace buddy". Meanwhile half my bans were by cancer staff that had no meaning to them and I was unbanned from all of them except this one. I am just bored of playing these cancer servers and I just want to play DDG again its really fun and I honestly really enjoy playing on DDG and I know I ranted on why I was banned I just really want to be unbanned. If you could please give me another chance that would be greatly appreciated and I will promise not to be cancer and to follow the rules. Just this last chance. Please consider, Thank you for reading my appeal, please be fair. ₪Ziptx₪
  2. Ok "Mr Sarcastic" nice alt. (According to sources I know who you really are mass rdmer)
  3. It was compensation for what I did and they all forgave me for what I did and didn't care after so what is your point you fucking faggot.
  4. Are you sure about that.
  6. You need to leave. Even toxic knows you have a bias towards me so everything you say will not matter. Also you are kind of blackmailing you fucking spoon. (Spoon: the act of being a fucking retard or faggot). The situation is old and should not be brought up again so stop saying stuff to get me in trouble that is already been handled by higher ups. Afro Can Amerocan, Ziptx~
  7. You made a tear come to my eye babe. Very much love, Ziptx~
  8. I was making a point about Kenshi but you took that out of context because you are a dick. (LoL)
  9. Ank you shouldn't have commented on this at all you have a total bias towards me with no proof of me rdming nor paying people off so I would like to you to stop commenting on this post due to the fact that you have a large bias over me. Even Trigger and other staff members have noticed and that's why you were suspended for 4 days and you are being retrained. Also no one can take you literally because of your bias and if they do them too are ignorant like you. I'm sorry for saying this but you were the same way. You paid me off when you killed me while I was PD raiding and you gave me $25,000 In game and a Dragonov SVU Sniper rifle. See what I just said I could lie to you about something you did and no one would know if it was true or not. Unless you have screenshots of me mass rdming and doing anything bad let me see them. Also by bad I mean like killing like 1 person bad. I never mass rdmed I PD Raided on that day. So succ. Not so much love to you, Ziptx~
  10. But on the video you called me a faggot and stuff too. (Your own stream, I have your stream downloaded )
  11. I know that. Speaking of being my friend. Add me on steam babe.


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