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  1. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Biscuits resignation.

    @biscuits and gravy didn’t even mention me? Wow my PP is hurt. Sorry to see a great Super just gone I hope you do great with school, don’t worry while ur at school in gettin rich
  2. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Check the post
  3. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Lol thanks and I am not rich.
  4. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Hello DDG the time has come for me to resign as I have some personal stuff going on a some family things to do so please no hard feelings @DDG Rexxor and I hope you would welcome me back anytime I hope that people have fun even my boy @biscuits and gravy ... So some of the best moments were with some of my closest friends.... My PP will miss all (those who dont know its a inside joke). I am sorry to do this and love you all..... Farewell for now. @DDG Rexxor Keep up the good work you have been doing because your doing a fantastic job the same for you @PROGAMING14. PS. @NC | SushiDushiwas the biggest dog eater I know and I will miss him
  5. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Leave of Absence

    RP Name: DDG Russian Bagel (It was temp but im not in game to change it back) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:150803055 Start Date: 7/19/18 End Date: 7/26/18 Reason for inactivity: Well being on the Sergeants team the the SO, I am having a little more time assigned and am on double shift so I wont be able to place much will be back on the 26th though.
  6. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I Resign

    One of the best T-Mods I have ever trained and you did a fantastic job as a Moderator hope to see you again!
  7. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Staff application

  8. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Staff Application

    Denied reasons stated above and I’ve seen u and u r a Minge
  9. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Intel VS AMD?

  10. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Inactivits post

    No this does not count as this is in the wrong section and has no format
  11. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I would appreciate an unban

    Okay this should be denied but I believe in 2nd chances but u werent banned for 5 days it was 2. BUT like I said I like 2nd chances so ACCEPTED
  12. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I Resign

  13. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan LOA

    u poop heads.. Wait a minute this post is dumb -1 reasons stated below
  14. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan LOA

    RP Name: Frank Reagan Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:150803055 Start Date: 6/22/18 End Date:6/25/18 (if not earlier) Reason for inactivity:Family Thing and theres some overtime shit on monday because my captain is a prick
  15. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Needing Forums Rank

    Hello I am making this post for myself and on behalf of Biscuts as we need our Super Administrator Rank to move and lock and pin stuff that we need to get done because as of now its only 1 person that can do that who is a Super who is Sushi so I was curious if @DDG Rexxor or @PROGAMING14 could give it to us