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  1. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Biscuits resignation.

    @biscuits and gravy didn’t even mention me? Wow my PP is hurt. Sorry to see a great Super just gone I hope you do great with school, don’t worry while ur at school in gettin rich
  2. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Check the post
  3. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Lol thanks and I am not rich.
  4. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Official Resignation

    Hello DDG the time has come for me to resign as I have some personal stuff going on a some family things to do so please no hard feelings @DDG Rexxor and I hope you would welcome me back anytime I hope that people have fun even my boy @biscuits and gravy ... So some of the best moments were with some of my closest friends.... My PP will miss all (those who dont know its a inside joke). I am sorry to do this and love you all..... Farewell for now. @DDG Rexxor Keep up the good work you have been doing because your doing a fantastic job the same for you @PROGAMING14. PS. @NC | SushiDushiwas the biggest dog eater I know and I will miss him
  5. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan - Leave of Absence

    RP Name: DDG Russian Bagel (It was temp but im not in game to change it back) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:150803055 Start Date: 7/19/18 End Date: 7/26/18 Reason for inactivity: Well being on the Sergeants team the the SO, I am having a little more time assigned and am on double shift so I wont be able to place much will be back on the 26th though.
  6. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I Resign

    One of the best T-Mods I have ever trained and you did a fantastic job as a Moderator hope to see you again!
  7. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Staff application

  8. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Staff Application

    Denied reasons stated above and I’ve seen u and u r a Minge
  9. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Intel VS AMD?

  10. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Inactivits post

    No this does not count as this is in the wrong section and has no format
  11. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I would appreciate an unban

    Okay this should be denied but I believe in 2nd chances but u werent banned for 5 days it was 2. BUT like I said I like 2nd chances so ACCEPTED
  12. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    I Resign

  13. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan LOA

    u poop heads.. Wait a minute this post is dumb -1 reasons stated below
  14. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    Frank Reagan LOA

    RP Name: Frank Reagan Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:150803055 Start Date: 6/22/18 End Date:6/25/18 (if not earlier) Reason for inactivity:Family Thing and theres some overtime shit on monday because my captain is a prick
  15. [NYPD] Frank Reagan

    MKLninja's Tmod app

    ACCEPTED (sorry for no format in on my phone) I am having dinner thing at 6 and won’t be home till 8 or 9 PM EST so if you could hop on then we can get u set up