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    Okay so as you guys all know the past couple weeks I have been extremely inactive and this is due to me picking up a lot more work to save for a house im moving into this summer. I dont have time for gaming right now and I will occasionally stop by. I have lost motivation to do this and I hope you guys understand that nothing lasts forever and people will come and go. Best of luck to all of you in what your future holds even outside of gaming. Thanks for the opportunity. -ToxicSoap
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    S.W.E.P.'s Activity Post

  3. ToxicSoap

    Nicolaaas abuse report

    I havent seen him on
  4. ToxicSoap

    Suggestion for jailing

    What about making it to where the MOTD pops up and they cant do anything but read the rules like it used to be
  5. ToxicSoap

    RF Cyka Nuggets Report

    The staff member has been suspended for 2 days for his wrong doings.
  6. ToxicSoap

    RF Cyka Nuggets Report

    Under Review
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    Donation Help But Not With A Custom Class

  8. ToxicSoap

    Demote this staff like genuinely i'm begging you

    DENIED! If you genuinely cared about being banned you would have followed the format that is provided.
  9. ToxicSoap

    Nicolaaas abuse report

    Under Review
  10. ToxicSoap

    Donation Help But Not With A Custom Class

    We don't transfer items over to other accounts. Try to get your other account fixed and we could always give your staff rank on that account instead of this one.
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    Suggestion for better RP (PrisonRP)

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    S.W.E.P.'s Activity Post

    Have fun
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    Rexxor I need my cc DONE

    I cannot edit his class, its in the server files which I do not have access to. Just be patient and wait for rexxor.
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    Admin Application

    very old format
  15. ToxicSoap

    Admin Application

    Old format... great application however, please re-submit with the correct format. No need to wait the 2 weeks.
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    Final Dank Meme’s Edit

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    Aesus needs to be demoted from staff

    Aesus has been spoken to by myself and he has been made aware of what is expected of his from this point on. He will not be demoted from this post due to there being no actual evidence of him doing anything wrong. Trial mods make mistakes which is why they are called "Trial Mods". I talked to him about the mute that was issued to you, he was unclear on when to mute and gag and he is now aware. This is a learning experience for all. Just a message to everyone reading this, stop treating Aesus like shit. We all know that he is a pain in the ass and he knows it as well. He is going to change, but its hard to do so when he constantly is getting harassed by everyone because of his past. Cut the shit. He is dedicated to the server much like most of you and I know that if the tables turned and you guys were treated the same way that he is you would not like it at all. Johnathan you minge as well and mic spam all the time so dont act like you are so innocent. Take a look in the mirror sometimes before pointing fingers. Thanks.
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    Lil Communism's Ban Appeal

    APPROVED! If seen MRDMing again you will be perma banned again and will not be approved for any other un-ban requests
  19. ToxicSoap

    Staff application

    DENIED! Please discuss things with a super+ in ts or on the server about applying.
  20. ToxicSoap

    DDG staff application

    Denied! Asking for app to be looked at by staff.
  21. ToxicSoap

    send nudes issue

    The owner of the class needs to join for you to be allowed to use the class
  22. ToxicSoap

    LOA Format

    Please make sure to put your Steam Username in the title. It makes it easier for us to find your post. RP Name: Steam ID: Start Date: End Date: Reason for inactivity:
  23. ToxicSoap

    lone wolfs ModT application

    I did not give permission to apply
  24. Username/SteamID (Your IGN and Steam ID): SteamID/Username of the Admin/Mod: How long ago did the abuse happen? In detail explain what happened: Reason why he/she should be demoted (Must be 2-3 sentences): Do you have any video or screenshot evidence? If yes to the above question paste the links here: