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  1. Okay so as you guys all know the past couple weeks I have been extremely inactive and this is due to me picking up a lot more work to save for a house im moving into this summer. I dont have time for gaming right now and I will occasionally stop by. I have lost motivation to do this and I hope you guys understand that nothing lasts forever and people will come and go. Best of luck to all of you in what your future holds even outside of gaming. Thanks for the opportunity. -ToxicSoap
  2. What about making it to where the MOTD pops up and they cant do anything but read the rules like it used to be
  3. The staff member has been suspended for 2 days for his wrong doings.
  4. DENIED! If you genuinely cared about being banned you would have followed the format that is provided.
  5. We don't transfer items over to other accounts. Try to get your other account fixed and we could always give your staff rank on that account instead of this one.
  6. I cannot edit his class, its in the server files which I do not have access to. Just be patient and wait for rexxor.


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