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  1. Thank you man, its never gonna be goodbye, but we are just moving onto Rust. Something our community would fit better in. Very chill staff.
  2. thank you man. Give rust a chance. It is an AMAZING game. watch videos on youtube about it. You make some insane memories on there with friends.
  3. fuckin luv u man, its been such a long time and DDG completely changed my life and we have so many insane memories. Im gonna continue with Rust and hopefully continue to let people have memorable experiences. I know we joke around a lot but what you said meant a lot !
  4. As many of you know, within the past few months our population for our Prison Role-play server had immensely decreased. We gave it many different chances and tried reverting content but nothing has worked. We have finally came to the decision to shut down the server and start developing onto a game called Rust. It's been a hell of a ride for PrisonRP, I first founded it in 2015 and it was a big success. Not everything last forever, especially since the game-mode itself is dying too. Garrysmod no longer is entertaining and fun to me, I first started playing it at 9 years old and im 17 now. I always kept playing and making server on Gmod because it was fun to me. It's time to move onto a different game for the community to enjoy and make more memories on! The community will always be here, what different servers we may have, will change overtime. Im genuine having fun playing Rust and the community is 10x better than garrysmod. There are barely any rules to follow and you can basically do whatever you want. I am still a bit new to the game and fully learning about how the servers operate. I expect the server to be released within 1-2 Months. Check out Rust videos on youtube and see if you guys would be interested in playing, I know a lot of people are going to be playing when our server comes out! Thank you to everyone who has supported our Prison Roleplay server, without you guys we would be nothing. This is not a goodbye, but just letting you guys know what our plan is for the community.
  5. Heavy Map Optimization and Update Timer at Top left telling prisoners what they should be doing Economy wipe and Inventory wipe More serious type of role-play being enforced. Walkie Talkie System (3D Model & Also for multiple teams) City Worker System (Custom). It adds a job called the Prison Janitor where you fix electrical, spillages, and other problems around the prison using your tools. Chess/Checkers along with blackjack and roulette Press Plate system for all prisoners located in a dedicated room near cafeteria. You press license plates for $. Laundry System where you clean dirty clothes for money. New Weapon System (CW 2.0) Attachment Vending Machine. Armory Quartermaster can spawn and gets all the money that people spend on the vending machine for attachments. New Leveling System Faction System, choose between prisoner life or government / authority. Do /switchrole to switch sides once every 24 hours. New printer system (You get XP from killing and printing) Prison Authority jobs are based on Playtime, not level. Warden, Captain, and Lieutenant are whitelist only. Renamed government jobs. along with player-models for correctional officers. HUD Update New Gang system New Clothes Vendor
  6. Goodluck on your school year!
  7. Kinda pricey, but i use a wireless logitech Artemis spectrum. Its very convenient. Definitely look into logitech, there cheap headphones are like 30-40 dollars and still really amazing and comfy.
  8. I own over 10-15 mechanical keyboards. The best one for gaming is definitely the new razer huntsman elite. I have it and the hand-rest feels identical to a pillow, it also uses lazers in the switches so its faster then everyone elses keyboard in response time. It cost over $200 dollars though. A cheap one thats pretty good is the Logitech g810 orion spectrum or the corsair k70 rgb. For a mouse i personally use steelseries
  9. Thank you for the mention. It is sad to see you leave, you are always welcome back to our staff team. Thank you for everything you have done!
  10. PRO, Marine, and I ALL play Fortnite. Me and Marine play pretty competitively, if you think you are good enough, come play with us in teamspeak!
  11. you aint get no permisson from me dog
  12. Nothing too MAJOR, you would have to do some serious shit to get up there anyways. Report it to Marine
  13. hey no making money off my server u fag
  14. u dont play any sports, nice try
  15. Created 6/30/2017. This is not the final version and is still in BETA. Some of the ranks listed are not added into the community yet, but will be soon. Owner: PROGAMING14 Rexxor Deals with major issues Not supposed to deal with small issues like ban appeals, staff applications, etc. Deals with management of the community / servers Puts in new content in servers Does updates (Web & Ingame) Do not message Owners unless you MUST and are out of options. Community Managers: SushiDushi Deals with issues before they hit PROGAMING Manages all staff below themselves Deals with daily conflicts Deals with staff conflict / drama Do not message unless super-admins are unavailable Manages missing ranks in-game, on TeamSpeak, or the Forums Handles general operations of community to provide stability Manages promotions up to Senior Administrator Manages Staff Applications Manages servers like PrisonRP Deals with TeamSpeak and forums Super Administrators Manages staff applications Manages staff promotions up to Admin Manages staff complaints, ban appeals, situations regarding staff Manages missing ranks in-game, or on TeamSpeak Supervises Senior Administrators and ranks below them to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. Senior Administrators Manages all staff below them. Deals with problems and brings them up to super-admins or above. Manages staff on their assigned server Deals with promotions Accepts ban appeals Accepts staff reports and can demote. Responsible for training staff if no one else is available. Report any staff incidents to supers or above Automatically apart of our Justice Team, responsible for looking over the bans list DAILY and unbanning / questioning suspicious bans Administrators Watches over newly made Administrators, and ranks below to make sure they are doing their job. Update bans for moderators 5 days if needed. Set an example for players that want to be future staff. Deal with complicated sits that moderators need help with. Maintain the server Creates tutorials on the forum section for moderators and players. Can Permanently ban Moderator Main people who attend to reports Watch over trial moderators and regular players. Help trial moderators with any questions they might have Can ban up to 2 Days ONLY Trial Moderators Responds to a large portion of calls and mostly dedicates themselves to only staff activities Listens to higher up staff Be active on teamspeak, forums, and of course INGAME! The more you are noticed, higher chance of promotion. Asks for help and sometimes observe others so you can see how to improve. Cannot BAN or KICK. GFX TEAM Do our Logos, Banners, ETC!


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