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The DarkRP server is now released. IP;


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    Lol looks like a damn essay, ehhh sounds gud, me likey likey and wannna sucky sucky, fucky fucky, long time long time. +1
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    +1 gud guy was always a good staff member
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    DENIED. Reapply in two week's.
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    How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: I have been a steam member over 1 year now. Your Steam Name: DDG gthechuncky Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:185962758 Age: 18 Current Rank: VIP Server: Prison RP Time Played: 500 hours Hours in Garry's Mod: 900 Time Zone: I'm from the uk so I'm not to sure Rank Being Applied For: t mod Recommendations: Previous Staff Experience: yes I used to be a admin Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): I would like to be staff as I have been playing the server over 1 year now, I have made good mates on the server. I would like to help out the other staff out a little helping them dealing with the trouble makers on the server. I was a admin before and I thought I was good at my job even other players would say I'm a good admin. I know most of the rules. I just would love to become a member of the amazing team again. I had the most fun I ever had being staff and helping others out. I want to be staff so I can help out the new people on the server and help stop the minges and the rule breakers. I like to work hard and prove that I'm a loyal willing mod. What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member:(At least 2 sentences) I think that a person who follows all rules makes a good staff member also who is willing to work as they are expected to. A person who is willing to follow all instructions given makes a great staff member. someone who helps out other players also someone who has no previous bans would make a great staff member. a guy who is willing to be respectful to other players and staff members and to follow all of the rules would also make a great staff member. why should we trust you (At least 4 sentences): I think you should trust me to become a staff member as I used to be a admin in the past and that I have never ever been demoted or had a telling off. I am willing to help anyone out with anything also the staff I'm willing to work hard with them and I'm willing to follow all the rules and the instruction's given. I am a hard worker. I am a reliable guy. I am a kind person who is willing to communicate with the staff team and the players. I never missed the staff meetings or any time I had to be on I was on. I was never late to a staff meeting. as I used to be staff I leaned a lot of things about the server and about other people which will really help me out a lot. I was staff for over 5 or 6 months which means that I'm not unexperienced on being staff. I'm a fast learner. I approach people who needs help in a kind manor. last time is was staff I had 1000+ sits. I'm used to very active on forums and TeamSpeak but as I'm only VIP I did not go as active but if I do get staff I will be very active on the forms and TeamSpeak also the server. I'm not a rule breaker I'm just a good guy who wants his staff role back 🙂. I know all the rules and most of the commands. you guys may be wondering why I left it was because they was a certain person who I did not get along with as well so I left the team. BUT IM WILLING TO COME BACK 5 TIMES STRONGER! 🙂 Previous Bans: 0 Additional Information: thank you guys for taking your time to come read through this WHISH ME LUCK 🙂
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    Umm I already demoted him dude
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    +1 because its a free country
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    +1 Seems like he was a good addition to the staff team back then, and will probably be able to contribute to the server more now.
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    +1 great staff app and amazing guy.
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    thank you bud 🙂
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    +1 remember him from back then. was a very good staff member. would be nice to see him in the staff team again.