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    +1 A trusted member of DDG, and was a good staff member. Good application.
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    Somethings came up and I just can't do this anymore. (STEAM_0:1:200263903) Sorry.
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    man chatting shit gon get shanked ya kno what i mean gang gang
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    +1 significant evidence and very abusive. @Breezy
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    How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: Since 2017 Your Steam Name: MonzterPlayz Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:238441343 Age: 16 Current Rank: User Server: Time Played: 200 hours Hours in Garry's Mod: 1179 hours Time Zone: GMT Rank Being Applied For: T-Mod Recommendations: DDG chunky Previous Staff Experience: i never was staff thats why im writing this and ill be very happy if you accept me ^^ Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): I want to be staff as it will be my first time on being staff and that i would love to experience on stopping them rule breakers. i want to be staff has i really enjoy the server and the people on it. i have made good friends and i would like to let them have the best experience on the server without them rule breakers trying to get in the way. I want to be staff has i love to help people and show them new things. I want to be staff because i hate seeing someone break the rules and spoiling it for everyone when they are trying to have fun. I want to help you guys a little. I love all of the staff members they are so kind and helpful What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member:(At least 2 sentences): Being friendly and being respectful makes a great staff member. Being honest and loyal to the team will make a great staff member. Knowing all rules and what to do if they is a rule breaker. Approach people in a kind helpful manor would make a great staff member. sticking to a task what has been set for you will make a great staff member. loyal honest kind willing to work hard to help people sort out the problems they are facing. A great listener will help you out A lot will help you. Not swearing at someone or not being rude will make a good staff member. make sure to be very active. let people know who you are as a good person. Why Should We Trust You(At least 4 sentences): I am nice person. I am always active.I am trustworthy person who is willing to help people no matter what it takes. I am a loyal person who is willing to make sure the server is minge free and to let people have the best experience as possible on the server. I am a nice person who approaches people in a kind and helpful manor. I am a great and fast leaner. I have good listening skills. I know the rules well and i know most of the commands. I have made a load of friends on the server. i have never ever been banned or warned for anything. Im always helping people around the server. Previous Bans: 0 other: GUYS PLEASE NOTE I CANNOT MAKE A POLE FOR SOME REASON I HAVE TRIED TO MAKE ONE FOR 1 HOUR STRAIGHT please don't deny me 😞
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    this dude is a great guy. He is never rude. I have not ever needed to warn him for anything. He knows the rules on what to do and not to do. Great staff app always active. I could see this guy make a good staff member. +1 REEEEEE
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