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    Yeah no. Thanks but no thanks we also would like to tell you your no longer welcome here. We have reason to believe you may know something to do with the recent ppl trying to crash the server. So yeah no thanks.
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    You were very sincere I respect that.
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    I'm going to go ahead and accept this appeal. It is unfair how bibles dont show up in logs, and that you were legitimately sorry in discord and other staff members.
  4. 1 point
    ACCEPTED You will be unbanned in a few minutes
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    No thanks, stay outta here. Topic closed, Appeal Denied by Hung Lo.
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    Ban Appeal Format In-Game Name: Dellor's pubes Steam ID(https://steamid.io/) : STEAM_0:0:241633786 Staff Member Who Banned You: Endr0 Reason You Were Banned: Exploiting How Long Is The Ban For: perm Do You Have Prior Bans On DDG: no Why do you believe you should be unbanned(2-3 sentences): I placed some printers next to some guys base and lit it on fire, it destroyed all the shit in his base. I didn't know that it would destroy all his shit and I even offered him a full refund on what I had destroyed, but he still insisted on reporting me and rubbing it in my face when I got permd. Anything Extra We Should Know: no
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    This announcement kinda hits me a little, I've been part of this community on and off for the past 5 years easily. DDG was the first server I ever staffed on, and the first server I really took seriously. Back when I started playing we were on methrp/darkrp and that was some of my most fond memories ever in that gamemode. Starting as a little mod and working my way up to super admin in such a small amount of time like 2-3 weeks was something crazy. I barely knew anything about gmod and this community has gained me many skills. When it was decided that we would launch I prisonrp server I remember exactly that I truly believed that this was going to be a new era for DDG, and I was right. Over the past 4 years we have gone through so much, and meet so many people it's unbelievable. There have been ups and downs for the community but I always have had fun, I have friends today that I talked with on a regular basis that I wouldn't have had without this community and that's a great thing. Seeing the prisonrp being shutdown is a saddening thing, but something I've seen coming for sometime. I've had my hand in the evolution on this community and I truly believe that I've made a great impact. DDG is the community that made me gain an interest to map, and over the past two years of me mapping i've gained so much skill in that area. I've grown up playing on this communities servers, gone through my whole highschool career with DDG. I'm not an emotional person, but to see DDG going away from gmod is a very sad thing for me to see. This marks an end for PrisonRP but it also marks and beginning for myself, now as an adult it's time for me to put gmod behind. I wish nothing but good luck to @DDG Rexxor in Rust and I believe he can do great things, I hope he becomes successful. It's been a hell of a ride brother good luck.
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