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🎆PrisonRP will be launching Friday 1/4/2019!!! The Time is not set but most likely 6 PM EST 🎆

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Should I be Staff   

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  1. 1. Should I be Staff

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How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: Form 2014-2015 I think

Your Steam Name: MrNetworks

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:97407434

Age: 15

Current Rank: Platinum VIP

Server: PrisonRp

Time Played:124 Hours

Hours in Garry's Mod: 4,450

Time Zone: EST

Rank Being Applied For: TMod

Recommendations: N/A

Previous Staff Experience: I was staff on DDG before back in 2017

Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): I want to be staff to make sure this server stays up and running and that DDG does well and stays big,I have bigger hopes for DDG now and I want it to stay that way a good staff team can help DDG stay that big and make sure that it never dies out,I manly want to become staff to make sure the server does well for years and years I have been on ddg back in 2016 I have been staff before on the server 2 tims and both tims I have been playing for a good amount of time and this time I want the server to do well.

What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member:(At least 2 sentences): I think a good staff member can be nice to every one and be helpful to every no madder the beef they have.

Why Should We Trust You(At least 4 sentences): I have been staff before on ddg I feel that I can be Trusted but I also know it is hard to turst people today,I dont want to do the server harm I want to help it to the best of my powers as a Tmod I want to and make sure the server will be good Im a very Trustful person I never back stab people or any thing like that I want to make sure ddg will be good for years to come and will stay big years to come.

Previous Bans: Non that I know of

Other: N/A

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Wait this is the retard who talked shit on discord saying he will never come back ahahahah

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Accepted. Have an admin+ train you trigger set his rank for me please.

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