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HI I have been a steam member since November 5th 2016

Your Steam Name: Mr.Toon 

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96041405

Age: 18.

Current Rank: VIP.

Server: Prison RP.

My time played on the server is 120 hours at the time of writing this.

Hours in Garry's Mod: Over 2000.

Time Zone: CST.

I am applying for the rank Trial Moderator.

I have no recommendations from anyone.

My previous staff experience: I used to be a gamemaster and also a moderator for a halo RP server.

Why I would like to be a staff member: I want to be staff because the server needs a active staff member. Secondly because I do not want to see DDG die off just yet and if I can help then I want to. Thirdly because I see people breaking rules and its a pain in the ass to have no staff on to punish and enforce rules. Lastly because I want to be able to help people with problems on the server and being staff would help out alot when trying to help them. An example would be maybe teaching a new player how to use the meth plugin. I would love to help players and make the server a more enjoyable place, also if I enforce the rules early on with new players they will thrive with people a good player and follow the rules.

My characteristics that I think would make me a good staff member: I know being helpful makes a good staff member becuase everyone needs help and not everyone has the time to help. I also think patience because stopping and taking the time to listening to both sides of a story before in an admin sit should be manditory but sadly some staff dont always have this, I'm hoping to be a staff member that does.

Why you should trust me?: I think you should trust me as I have been a member since 2016 and I've seen the good and bad sides of the DDG prison RP server. Also because I've never been banned off of the server once and I do read the rules everytime I know it gets updated to make sure Im following them. Also because I just want to see the server do well as it did when I was active and I dont want to feel like I'm the reason the reason it fully dies. Finally it is because im playing on the server now and I miss how it used to be.

I have had no previous bans on the PrisonRP server.

I really hope you could be able to apply for staff rank without having to give funds for it as I'm not financially stable to throw money into this game as I use too.

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