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Should I become staff?  

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  1. 1. should i become staff?

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How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: Since 2017


Your Steam Name: MonzterPlayz


Your SteamID: (STEAM_0:0:238441343)


Age: 15


Current Rank: (User)


Server: (Prison)


Time Played: (219 hours)


Hours in Garry's Mod:  (1268)


Time Zone: (GMT)


Rank Being Applied For: (T-Mod)


Recommendations: (DDG chunky)


Previous Staff Experience: (none)


Why Do You Want To Be Staff(At least 4 sentences): Well it all started when I fell in love with the server and that I wanted to be a member of the DDG staff team to help you guys out a little to stop the rule breakers from ruining others experience on the server. I have made good friends on the server which I would love to help them have the best experience on the server. I like to help people and also help the newbies who need to be shown around the server. I like to work with other people and I also like to get to know the other staff members more. I would like to be a member of the staff team as I want to be known as a polite person. I have always loved to help people no matter what the situation is. I would like to prove that I am a hard working person who is willing to be loyal.






What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member:(At least 2 sentences):So to make a great staff member is to know all of the rules and not to abuse your admin powers or take them as a advantage. A honest loyal and a hard working staff member and who is willing to follow all rules will make a good staff member. A staff member who talks to someone with respect and makes them feel that they are not being targeted will also make a good staff member. A good staff member would be honest. Show up at all the meetings. Take as many sits as you can. Show people who you are as a staff member. Following instructions from higher ups will also make a great staff member. A active staff member will be given respect by the higher ups.  Try and make sure that you have no previous bans and make sure you have a clean record. Having a "can do" attitude towards handling any difficult situation is ALWAYS appreciated  by the higher ups also the users. Make sure that you care about people as you would care about your family.



Why Should We Trust You(At least 4 sentences): I think you should trust me as I greet people in a helpful way. I am always active. I am willing to work very hard to make sure everyone is having the most fun as possible. I am a very reliable guy and I'm am very trustworthy. I know the rules really well thanks to the MOTD lel. I promise you guys that I am going to work as hard as possible to help the members of DDG have the best roleplay experience. I have a lot of friends that trust me on the server. I promise to never ever brake a single rule.   


Previous Bans: 1

other: This is my new account as the old one glitched my rank.! Just want to say a massive thank you for taking your time to read my app.

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yes he did wait the full 2 weeks as it is different times.... and I like how you made another account to try and get this denied well done

Also how do you know he isn't 15? his birthday might of been recently.

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He lied about his bans and his age on the other staff app, and said he was 16. He then tells me he was 14 and according to the staff apps, he is still 14 lol.

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