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The DarkRP server is now released. IP;


Change Log Version 0.3.0

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Server Changes

        New          New F4 menu

     Updated      CS:GO knives for Premium VIP have been replaced by new WW2 weapons

     Updated      Some more props have been added to the whitelist

       Fixed         Ieds are now no-collided

       Fixed         PD player models have now been fixed

       Fixed         The Isis player model has now been fixed

       Fixed         Infinite Ammo Perk fixed


Map Changes

Inside of prison

        New          Spawn Area

        New          New Escape Method

        New          Camera Room inside the PD

        New          A new button in the Isolation Block that opens/closes all isolation doors

        New          New Mining Cave

        New          New staircase in Warden’s Tower

        New          New room inbetween the Isoblocks

     Updated      New textures around the whole map


Outside of prison

        New          The 2-floor mansion has been replaced with an abandoned 3-floor mansion

        New          A new room has been added in the underground escape route

        New          Added a ladder inside of the house next to the lake and made a 2nd floor

        New          Extended the bridge by the lake

     Updated      New textures for the Event Area

     Updated      New inside/outside textures for all of the buildings

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