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Rules Changelog 02/23/2018

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Rule Changes:

         New          Mic Spamming will not be tolerated and you will be punished. (Playing music through your mic is considered mic spam)

         New          If you manage to free yourself/get freed by someone else you may try and kill your kidnapper.

         New          Even if you are allied with another organization, you are not permitted to kill anyone who kills them or raids their base. You are strictly just allies which means you will not attack them and they wont attack you.

      Updated      No collided props, invisible props, glow/flickering material.(You may have no collide if you are Hobo w/out contraband) *

      Updated      You must advert the reason for the lockdown before starting it. (If you dont, it is fail rp and you will be jailed)

      Updated      Random weapon checking is not allowed (PD Dog Exempted only if you saw them with the weapon out while it was against the law)

      Updated      Staff Rules and Punishments

      Updated      Custom class rules: Removed CCs ability to be exempt from all laws and Removed CCs ability to be allowed in PD when not working for them.

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