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  4. now this just shows how immature you are.
  5. +1 excellent app with little to no effort involved
  6. -1 server is not up yet also you do not seem very interested in the idea of becoming a staff member ( and a spelling mistake on Moderator)
  7. -1 Really short and rushed, also the server isnt up.
  8. Tell us something about you, why you want to be a part of this community, and why should we choose you? I feel that I should become a staff member for DDG Prison RP because I am experienced in this field. I was a moderator and then got promoted to admin before. since PrisonRP is in development again I would like to get a head start and refresh myself on all the rules again. When the server does launch we should have active staff that are already on the server making sure everything is going all right. I also take being a staff member seriously. Being a staff member is more than just enforcing the rules to me. It should be about helping the community grow and be kind and respectful while in the server. What experience you have in moderating or administrating? (Please list all sites and functions you did as an administrator) I was a modertator on the DDG Prison RP, I then got promoted to admin. What is your location and time zone? Canada - PMT What is your Steam ID? 76561198077442042 What is your age? 16 Do you speak any additional languages besides English? A little bit of Spanish Sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside and put the best interest of the server first. Yes, I agree. However I will let you guys know if I am busy outside of the game. Do you understand that if you were to become a staff member, your actions represent that of DigitalDeltaGaming? Yes, I do.
  9. Hi all. Has anyone had issues purchasing through the DDG site?
  10. Can’t wait! Hung Lo will be returning with the Chinese restaurant!
  11. this is chicken sausage +1 its gonna be great
  12. If you want PrisonRP to come back, bigger and better than ever +1 this feed
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