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  3. Just to clarify. Keaton just placed the ban, Itzcheq is the originally requesting staff member.
  4. Were you a hobo? Cause if you were then KOS signs arent aloud and that is MRDM. As a hobo you can warn but no KOS signs
  5. n-Game Name:Erwin Rommel Steam ID(https://steamid.io/) : STEAM_0:0:32040974 Staff Member Who Banned You: Keaton Rose Reason You Were Banned: massrdm How Long Is The Ban For: 5 days Do You Have Prior Bans On DDG: 0 Why do you believe you should be unbanned(2-3 sentences): I believe I should be unbanned because the reason for killing people was because I had a sign explicitly stating that moving the radio=kos. I was being randomly punched and knifed all over the place as well. Anything Extra We Should Know: I believe I was banned because no one wanted to read what I had to say, they only cared about people that had a microphone. I wasnt even given time to explain. I thouroughly love the server, and I am not an active rule breaker. There was a kid actively deceiving the admins into thinking I was just killing people for no reason and that I needed to be banned.
  6. It literally says in our discord you under updated MOTD that you can no longer do this. It is not an ancient rule as you put it took affect 3 days ago. It is also found under rule 19 of basing maybe next time read our rules. The gang bases haven’t even been in the sever for a month so yeah.. If you are not part of the discord that is not our fault as there is a pop up when you join the server. Also this is not your first MRDM ban word of the wise watch your bans because after a while you will be removed from the server perm denied...
  7. Last week
  8. its literally in the basing rules,not ancient -1
  9. Sorry i forgot to answer the "do you have prior bans" question And yes i do
  10. Before i use the format i would like to talk about this "ancient" rule, Its not really ancient just a very unknown rule. now that you know what im talking about i will start the appeal.. In-game name: PizzaRoll Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4905025 Staff who banned me: tkalva2 Reason for ban: MRDM Banned for: 2 days I think i should be unbanned be cause the ancient rule i was talking about was that bloodz cant mega base, or in other words build outside of there prohibited area.. Which not even some admins knew. And so i made a KOS line outside of the real bloodz base and didnt know you couldnt do that.
  11. Denied, strange is saying you were moving around the sit room but not responding to him and then you disconnected, so you infact did LTAP and the ban is valid.
  12. regarding this you were banned due to you not answering my question as to why you had killed the player who reported you while moving around the sit room then disconnecting
  13. In-Game Name: Heisenberg [NamelessRP] Steam ID(https://steamid.io/) : 76561198379436218 Staff Member Who Banned You: idk it says LTAP (Strange) Reason You Were Banned: LTAP How Long Is The Ban For: 350MIN Do You Have Prior Bans On DDG: yes Why do you believe you should be unbanned(2-3 sentences): i was not ltaping my internet is shit and i was not even tabed in to game when i was banned Anything Extra We Should Know: im mad
  14. Leaving Aug 19th- Aug 25th for a family vacation. Might be able to come home sooner but no promises.
  15. DIGITAL DELTA GAMING STAFF GUIDE _______________________________ Welcome to the staff team! In this guide, you will learn what you can do as a staff member, staff rules and important commands to moderate DigitalDeltaGaming. _______________________________ STAFF RULES 1. Common sense. Use your brain before doing things you might regret. 2. What a Super-Admin+ says is what they say and you must deal with it. They have the final say. 3. Punishments depending on what they did. Verbal Warn,Jail,Kick,Ban. If they are mass RDMING then simply just jail them and issue a 5 day ban. If you are a t-mod or moderator ask an admin to ban the steamid. 4. Do not kick for unreasonable reasons. ex: if someone crossfires 2 people then simply jail them for 4 minutes if it was a honest mistake. 5. Do NOT noclip while RPING (Unless dealing with a current sit). Will be warned, then demoted (GO ON DUTY!) 6. NEVER duplicate someone's creation without their permission. 7. If you have god mode while in a raid/RP it is a instant demote. 8. Be sure you read all of the rules and you understand them. 9. Be a role model and act MATURE. 10. Never materialize yourself or others. 13. Never go on admin-mode (Unless taking sits) while rping (Instant Demote) 14. Always be patient during admin sits. We know people can drive you crazy but a good staff member would stay calm. (Do not call players any rude or disrespectful words no matter what they say!) 15. Always try to have a "Good Image" with the players! You want to be known on the server as a good staff member. 16. Asking for a promotion will only lower your chances of getting what you want/deserve. 17. Do not kick or ban yourself, this will result in a punishment. 18. If you are Mod you can only ban for a max of 2 days 19. If you are caught connecting and disconnecting just to keep your Last Connect below 5 days it will be a demotion. 20. Don't noclip into other people's bases unless you are on duty and need to for a sit or if you have permission while on duty. _______________________________ COMMANDS Some commands may depends on your rank, so if they don't work it's most likely because you are not the right rank. (DO NOT INCLUDE THE APOSTROPHES) !logs !goto 'name/steamid' !bring 'name/steamid' !return 'name/steamid' !warn 'name/steamid' 'reason' !jail 'name/steamid' 'duration in minutes' 'reason' !unjail 'name/steamid' [Moderator+] !kick 'name/steamid' 'reason' [Moderator 2 days, Admin+ 5] !ban 'name/steamid' 'duration days or hours' 'reason' [Senior+] !unban 'name/steamid' 'reason' !freeze 'name/steamid' !gag 'name/steamid' 'duration in minutes' !ungag 'name/steamid' !mute 'name/steamid' 'duration in minutes' !unmute 'name/steamid' [Senior+] !perma 'name/steamid' 'reason' [Senior+] !jailtp 'name/steamid' 'duration in minutes' 'reason' !getmoney 'name/steamid' !hp 'name/steamid' 'amount' !armor 'name/steamid' 'amount' !slay 'name/steamid' !send 'name/steamid' 'name/steamid' !playtime 'name/steamid' [Moderator+] !spectate 'name/steamid' !unspectate 'name/steamid' [Senior+] !setjob 'name/steamid' 'job' [Senior+] !setgroup 'name/steamid' 'rank' 'duration in minutes' [Senior+] !reconnect 'name/steamid' !previousban 'name/steamid' !strip 'name/steamid' [Admin+] [DO NOT DO UNLESS SERIOUS] !nolag [DO NOT USE] !reload _______________________________ ADVICE While as a staff member, it is important to keep your cool and to never set a bad example. Some sits can be stressful and if you really need to you can call another staff member to take your sit if they are okay with it. Always check if you are not in !adminmode while you are off duty since it does give you godmode and using godmode while roleplaying is a serious offence and can lead to a demotion. The more sits you take, the higher chance of you getting promoted. Never take your own sits because this can be seen as abuse and can lead to a demotion or suspension. Remember that you can lose your role as a staff member at any given point of time if you mess up once. _______________________________ RANKS You can see what you can do as your current rank here: _______________________________ MEETINGS You are required to attend meetings every 2 weeks on saturdays at 7:30PM EST in the Discord server. Failure to attend these meetings and you could get demoted. If you cannot make it, make an LOA and if you have not joined the server the link is: https://discord.gg/8PYbzS9 _______________________________ PUNISHMENTS *If you are jailing for an attempted rule break do half of the jail sentence (RDMx1 is 4 mins so ARDMx1 is 2 mins) 1. RDMx1 = 4 min jail || RDMx2 = Kick (Unless it was an honest mistake, then jail for another 3 min) || RDMx3 = MRDM 5 day ban (If you are T-Mod then jail them and have someone ban them, if you are Mod then ban for 2 days and ask an admin+ to update it) 2. NitRP 1st offense = 6 hour ban || NitRP 2nd offense = 2 day ban || NitRP 3rd offense = 5 day ban || NitRP 4th offense = Perm ban 3. RDAx1 = 4 mins || RDAx2 = 8 mins || RDAx3 = Kick || RDAx4 = 6 hour ban 4. NLR 1st offense = 4 min jail || NLR 2nd offense = 8 min jail || NLR 3rd offense = 6 hour ban 5. Fail RP 1st offense = 4 min jail || Fail RP 2nd offense = 8 min jail || Fail RP 3rd offense = 6 hour ban 6. Breaking Base Rules 1st offense = Removal + 3 min jail || Breaking Base Rules 2nd offense = Kick || Breaking Base Rules 3rd offense = 3 hour ban 7. Breaking Prop Rules 1st offense = Removal + Warning || Breaking Prop Rules 2nd offense = Removal + 4 min jail || Breaking Prop Rules 3rd offense = Kick || Breaking Prop Rules 4th offense = 6 hour ban 8. Mic Spam or racism 1st offense = Warning to stop || Mic Spam or racism 2nd offense = 3 min gag || Mic spam or racism 3rd offense = 5 min gag || Mic spam or racism 4th offense = Kick || Mic spam or racism 5th offense = 6 hour ban 9. Racism in chat 1st offense = Warning || Racism in chat 2nd offense = 3 min mute || Racism in chat 3rd offense = 5 min mute || Racism in chat 4th offense = 6 hour ban || Racism in chat 5th offense = 2 day ban 10. Minge 1st offense = Warning || Minge 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Minge 3rd offense = 2 day ban || Minge 4th offense = 5 day ban || Minge 5th offense = Perma ban 11. Anything else = Warning // 4 Min Jail // 8 Min Jail // Kick // 6 hour ban 12. Prop Spamming 1st offense = Kick || Prop Spamming 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Prop Spamming 3rd offense = Perma Ban 13. Leaving To Avoid Punishment = 6 Hour Ban 13. Hacking- Permanent Ban 14. Exploiting- Permanent Ban 15. Scamming - Permanent Ban _______________________________ Remember that punishments can change at any time so make sure you look at this guide after every meeting. Thank you for reading, if there is any errors contact me on Discord, RyZe Misty
  16. Denied... He took the words out of my mouth. Server rules override the law board no matter what. And again I see that your bans haven’t done anything with you disrespecting staff and talking over them. Keep it up and I will make sure you are no longer aloud to play here. Not sure why you think your above everyone and can do what you please and talk to staff how you feel but we are all getting tired of it and soon we will end it. Also not sure how he was immature he tried to explain and yet again you talked over him.
  17. Like I tried to explain to you numerous times, the server rules over-ride what the law board says if you look at rule #12 under Prison Staff Rules it states "You may warn people to put their guns away if they have them out in public, but you must /advert warn them to put it away"
  18. Username/SteamID (Your IGN and Steam ID): Ricardo Milos | STEAM_0:1:94039981 SteamID/Username of the Admin/Mod: Billy Madison How long ago did the abuse happen? 30 minutes when this post gets posted In detail explain what happened: Well In the First video you see me Killing the person with the gun out and then after that i go to the lawboard and show you that it says Weapons out are KOS/AOS across the whole prison which was very specific and the admin didnt like it so then he warned me for it. Reason why he/she should be demoted (Must be 2-3 sentences): Well the admin was being immature well handling reports or higher up calls to other staff and he really did not like me at all and he is just looking forward into getting me banned or punished in any way even though if im right in the situation Do you have any video or screenshot evidence? If yes to the above question paste the links here: Video #1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnqZ6nq4EA4&feature=youtu.be Video #2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIfAu2ut0w0&feature=youtu.be
  19. This is the 4th report you are posting. Just cuz u can’t take the denial from the other 3 Denied reports in which a senior admin, super admin, and community manager all denied you. I will be banning you from the forums for spamming. You had your chance to come clean yet you want to keep spamming so that’s fine.
  20. Username/SteamID (Your IGN and Steam ID): Big peenor / STEAM_0:0:33030499 SteamID/Username of the Admin/Mod: Endr0 / STEAM_0:1:96995466 How long ago did the abuse happen? About an hour ago. In detail explain what happened: I was TP'd to him randomly where he accused me of scamming someone for out of game items(which i learned after the fact), which i denied(i denied that i scammed him) and then told him to bring the person there. Instead he gagged me and when i tried to explain in chat he said i was banned and then next thing you know i'm perma banned. Reason why he/she should be demoted (Must be 2-3 sentences): He has no idea how to be an admin, let alone a senior admin. He needs to RP more and learn how to RP before he is an admin. Do you have any video or screenshot evidence? The logs should show enough. Extra: This is a re-post.
  21. DENIED This is literally a repost from the last denied report
  22. Your report was just denied by the Community Manager lmao, idk why you care so much when you admitted to scamming yourself. I gave you a chance to be unbanned and you decided to keep saying that I don't know "how to RP" or "how to be an admin".
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