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  3. RP Name: NeXtGamer Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:83435072 Start Date: 19th July 2019 End Date: 2-3rd August 2019 Reason for inactivity: i will be going on holiday and have not confirmed if i will be bringing my laptop with me ( or even if it still works) i will try to stay active on forums/discord however if i can not get the situation dealt with i will not be able to be active ingame for the 2 weeks that i will be absent. i apologise if this causes any problems for anyone.
  4. Sounds good! Good luck with moving. If you get an exact date let us know.
  5. RP Name: Real Trigger Warning Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:119661749 Start Date: 7/20/19 End Date: Unknown Reason for inactivity: I'm moving this Saturday 7/20/19 and I won't have internet. I don't know when I'll have it back but I'm sure it won't be too long. -Trigger
  6. RP Name: Crazyguy6578 Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:451992347 Start Date: 16th of July End Date: 22nd of July Reason for inactivity: I am going camping with my dad and brother for a few days
  7. good evening so basically my name is rotten and ive been stepping into the GD phase for about 3 months now, basically i just make anything of interest from people paying or not so if you wish to have some shit done in Adobe After Effects or Photoshop just DM me on discord (Rotten#7777) https://imgur.com/gallery/jlHqROi
  8. have a good one, hopefully you like the new house
  9. Max has contacted me to update his LoA until the 24th.
  10. Sorry to hear that. Hope to see you back soon. If you need to extend this at all message me on discord.
  11. RP Name: DDG Allue Steam ID: Start Date: July 13 End Date: July 19 Reason for inactivity: my cuck of a step dad grounded me from my pc for a week for eating in my room (he’s kind of an asshole bc he doesn’t like me)
  12. So the ban should have been removed automatically since 5 days has passed. I’ll remove it when I get on. Appeal Accepted
  13. Still waiting to hear back on my staff applications.

  14. Hi My friend has banned for "MRDM" for the past 6 days so if any one can inform me about why then that would appreciated. his IGN is jgb2105
  15. Earlier
  16. So a couple of points I’m going to make here: @Crazyguy6578 next time you request assistance with a sit explain to the person that you are asking another staff member to come to avoid this issue with him thinking that trigger is talking about another sit. @Trigger Warning™ If the guy is saying he is in a sit then he shouldn’t be kicked because of it. Explain to him next time that you were called to assist in said sit not just kick him because he won’t get rid of his base and offer to TP him to his base to fix the issue. @specialYour video with “evidence” doesn’t show me much it just shows you giving trigger an attitude and then getting kicked. Next time try and record more of it. While both should have explained to you that they were assisting each other with the current sit, you were asked to remove your base and like the other admins have said you could have spammed Z to do it. Take it as a curtesy that they asked you to do it before the kick. On the old server they would have just removed it like we used to be able to do with the tool gun. I understand you did not want to lose all of your base. You could have asked either of the mods to TP you to your base to adjust the issue and change the textures but instead you kept telling them to hold on. At which point they kicked you. If you would have explained yourself more then I feel all of this could have been avoided especially with asking them to TP you to fix the issue. I don’t think further discipline is needed since everyone here was kinda at fault and not just a staff member. Since you did have a rule breaking base take the time to review the basing rules here. https://digitaldeltagaming.net/rules/#rule_19
  17. I wanted to get your sit out of the way first, I wasn't aware at the time that you requested for help. I thought he was just a staff member that came and interrupted the sit. I did acknowledge what Trigger said and I wasn't even refusing. The real reason I made a staff report was the way he acted and portrayed himself as a staff member. The stuff with the base was another thing, but I made the report mostly on how he was acting and how unprofessional he was.
  18. I mean, it's pretty simple. All you had to do was press z and end the controversy. I'm kind of neutral, as I wasn't there, but from what I see both of you were kind of in the wrong.
  19. I was not here for this whole situation only after, so i don't know who is in the wrong here, but 1 thing i can say is when i got into a sit with special he was very polite and understanding and wasn't disrespectful at all to me at-least and im not saying that to negatively impact trigger because i was not there during the actual kick/sit happened, this is as far as i know.
  20. I still do not understand. You could of waited for Crazyguy to finish his sit, and you can handle the second sit afterwards. I was in a sit already, it's not that hard to be patience and wait for the sit to be over. There were 2 sits in total that I was part of. First sit, I reported dino for suspicions. Second Sit, dino reports me for my base. Which Crazyguy was handling both because they're related. Like you stated, Crazyguy called you over for help to ask if my base was against the rules, it does NOT mean you took over another staff members sit. You did tell me it was against the rules and I complied. I even told you multiple times that I'll fix it after the first sit is done. You mentioned that I could of pressed z to delete it, what's the point of destroying a base I took time building if I could just pull out my tool gun and materialize to something different.
  21. I did request @Trigger Warning™ to come to the sit to look at his base and help me out, he came and told Special to remove the one way props and the blacked out base, Special did not listen and said that he had to upload a video, deleting the base could have fixed this all, all you had to do was spam z and that would have been fine. But you did not listen to Trigger therefore he kicked you for not listening to a staff member.
  22. How was the first sit over if I never got to upload my video and for both sides to finish talking within the sit? The sit was never over. An admin had to continue my sit after you kicked me for no reason.
  23. Like I said, that first sit was over because I told you that Crazy brought me to take over. Also that 4 sec video doesn't really help btw
  24. @Trigger Warning™You did not mention that you took over the sit. And, if another staff member asks for help in a sit, it does not mean that "you took over the sit". The first sit was not about the base, the first sit was about me uploading a video of a report I made towards another person.
  25. Edit: I noticed I have a few grammatical errors and I cannot edit it anymore. I repeated myself saying "I understand it is a one way, let me finish this sit I was in first"***
  26. So here's the story. Crazyguy messaged in admin chat for me to go to him and see if this base was a black box. I did and it was a black box. The base had a small tunnel of fading doors that was all black so you couldn't see. On top of that since you can't see out or anything in general, on the other side you could see in perfectly fine. So there was a black box and one way props. So I said you can't have them and to remove it. Special said hold on he had to upload a video for another sit. I said it takes 2 seconds to hit Z and remove them. He was saying hold on because he was dealing with Crazy's sit, but I told him that I took it over because he wanted me to come. I told him multiple times to remove it and he didn't. So I kicked him for not listening to staff, having one way props, and having a black box in his base
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