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  1. Yesterday
  2. Fine whatever but Like I said I'm new to RP and I didn't break any of those rules I showed and I didn't know the ban limit.

    Oh PS I spoke with True BP and he said that apparently I had 4 bans and the 2 from January and February were someone else which makes sense because I only got my PC in February.

  3. Last week
  4. I have read the rules and it says no more than 20 and I only have 6, plus it wasn't really fair because I was unaware that the consequences will lead to getting banned permanently. I want to talk with the manager so that I can explain what happened so he can hear my side of the story. 

    The person who banned my was True BP and he got the wrong idea of what I said to him and I had no intention of doing it on purpose, it was just a joke/mistake that went to far.

    1. NightWolf


      I have read the rules for the perma ban and everything that was shown was not what I did, I simply tassed the admin and made up stuff, I had no intention of getting banned at all.

    2. NightWolf
  5. Kinda horny rn 

  6. Earlier
  7. 18 seething Gary's mod moderators in the prison at DDG Prison RP!

    Big, hard, throbbing phys guns wanting to ban!

    Scarley in the prison at DDG Prison RP!

    On her knees wanting to feel the wrath of a big, hard, throbbing phys gun! 

    DDG Prison RP really rocks!

    Hot, hard, buff Moderators, their phys guns throbbing hard!

    18 more wild Moderators out in the prison yard!

    Big, bulging phys guns ready to ban!

    RDM in the prison at DDG Prison RP! Rexxor spanking beef like a slut!

    Big, hard, throbbing double barrel shotguns ramming moderator butt!

    Like a breed of ram wanting to rut!

    Big, hard, throbbing phys guns getting ready to ban!

    Prisoners even getting banned in their sleep!

    DDG Prison RP rocks ... it ROCKS!

  8. Fuckin bitches and gettin stiches👽

    1. MrWackyJacky


      Ong bruh 😪


  9. This guy is ugly as shit clean yourself up nigga.

    1. Real Trigger Warning
    2. CowboyStealthy


      Bro you fucking stink

  10. You like black people 😉

  11. Partaking in Gay Intercourse

  12. Shooting zombies with my Revolver 🤠

  13. Why they do my nigga Lucinim like that

    1. Lucinim


      You like men 

  14. eating some fucking ass 


  15. Currently driving home and bored

  16. masturbating dhmu

  17. why they do my nigga Draven like that?

  18. i want another bagel :3

    1. CowboyStealthy


      ill send you one

    2. raelyngames


      thank u ❤️😄



  19. Man the matter we're made of is all the same ago soo.

  20. thinkin of egirls

  21. Got Catgirls on my mind rn.

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