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🎆PrisonRP will be launching Friday 1/4/2019!!! The Time is not set but most likely 6 PM EST 🎆

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  2. I joined PrisonRP in Early December of 2014, and I met so many of my current friends and honestly Imma miss DDG. Everything that ever happened whether it was when I joined the Staff Team for the first time and got to Admin only to be demoted for Staff abuse by Super Admin Hot Dawg. That time i came back for a short time as a Moderator under an entirely new Staff Team. PrisonRP is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had and I do hope that one day it comes back.
  3. Sorry to see the Gmod server go. The server was always awesome. I started gmod with 4 hours then came upon the server and now I have 480 hours a good portion of that being here. I wanted to say thank you for the awesome opportunity with becoming staff and meeting a lot of people I will truly never forget it. Though I left a bit ago I usually tend to check on the forums and seeing this made me want to post again. I have Rust but my PC unfortuantely can’t run it at the moment but one day would love to check out the server. Good luck with everything and thank you again for all the fun!
  4. Just saw this, sry to see it go. Haven't been on in a long while cause my computer had battery throttling and couldn't hold a game while charging for more than 30 seconds, so I'm getting a new one, better GPU, core i5, and when it comes YOU FUCKING BET I'm hoping on rust. I've loved playing on DDG since 2016 and will love to be a part of your server if and when it comes out dude. Love ya, keep doing good work, and hope to play with you again someday!
  5. i reset the economy because i had problems. Since that day i saw sexxors tiny penis i haven't been the same... @Trigger Warning™
  6. @Castiel Angel At least I didn't reset the economy and get perma banned for being a retard super.. But who knows. I probs would do the same if I got super. I guess we'll never know. -Trigger
  7. I would get rust, but my current computer cant run it. I love DDG, especially the Gmod Dark RP(Not Relevant to the topic), i won plat VIP and got staff but i never got my IGN rank yeet. also im poor
  8. trigger sweated for superadmin for 3 years and never got it. Get rekt nerd @Trigger Warning™
  9. Denied I guess since the server is no longer up and someone needs to lock this.
  10. Good oll days on ddg tbh I remember when I joined and like after a few days went for staff because why not and then left to get back in a few months and got Superadmin... good oll days.. y'all probs don't remember me but k -John Fun
  11. It's sad to see it go, most servers don't last this long but this one did. I remember those good days when our server was popping and we had those old Fire admin models, good times. Maybe I might come and play on the rust server sometime keep a look out for me. Hopefully, the same things don't happen to the rust server like what happened to DDG (Abuse, Overpowered CC's, Rogue staff, ETC). Can't to have a flashback when I read the DDG email when someone posts on this. Good luck Rexxor @DDG Rexxor
  12. As a famous person or someone in a comment section once said, "Don't cry because it's over; Smile because it happened". I kinda feel bad for the people that donated thousands of dollars for custom rank perks, oof. It's really sad though that this server has had to come to an end. I began playing this server around 2016 and I fell in love with it. I have very good memories with this server, like the late nights on the weekends I would stay up just so I could grind money on the money printers. I remember the gang violence that occurred within the prison. I will forever cherish and appreciate all that you have done for DDG @DDG Rexxor Man, I can't believe the day came where PrisonRP would come down, it's sucks that DarkRP never worked out. I would have really enjoyed that gamemode, AAAAA WHY DID IT HAVE TO END?
  13. Thank you man, its never gonna be goodbye, but we are just moving onto Rust. Something our community would fit better in. Very chill staff.
  14. Well, yeah. Ill be there. Never really left. Just kinda sat around while everyone around me did. I'm always here for DDG and everyone for it. Just call me and Ill be there Otherwise im just snoozin Zzz much love. ❤️
  15. @DDG Rexxor You were good son. Real good. Maybe even the best. Good ride with you man hope you enjoyed all the money I gave you. Let me know about the rust idea it'd be fun playing on with you again. Also @Frost @DDG Cyka Nuggets@Liquid (Jacob) @biscuits and gravy @Trigger Warning™ You were my fuckin boys add me on steam. Lastly Sushi If you can see this you were a real pain in the ass but I gotta respect you for sticking around for DDG for so long I tip my hat to you sir.
  16. You can contact steam support and show them purchases you have made on the account with paypal/credit card and tell them you want it back or you will file a complaint with steam the play form they fixed mine real quick after that.
  17. Wow, this makes me really sad. When I first got gmod I used to splay swrp but then about half a year after I got gmod I found prisonRp. I loved this server so much I have so many memories on it all the map changes, building bases, the countless resets. But i really want to thank all the developers and staff for being a part of this. I remember when I bought vip and then bought mod and lost it cause I was inactive but then I bought it again cause I loved this server so much. I will never forget all the memories I have from this server and all the friends I made (about half my friends from team are from this server). Hope to see you all on rust!
  18. RIP my DigBick account got hacked and won't let me get into it, I can't play the rust server I have a new account but I cannot afford Rust rip. This is my new account if anyone wants to add me https://steamcommunity.com/id/MyNameIsJyee
  19. Thank You to everyone who really fell in love with PrisonRP as I did. I been with DDG a very long time and have had many fun moments. Along with very interesting ones too I have met many YouTuber's from prison which was cool up until I banned them.🤣 I have met many cool people who seem to love the game. Just because prison has shut down doesn't mean the fun times are over we still have many more years. I like rust when I have people to play with so if your new to rust just add me. We can play I ain't that good either and my computer wants to kill its self when I play rust. I know many people who love rust and play a lot. Rust is a good game besides its very buggy state but if you have any problems with rust just message me I will know how to help. I hope to see a lot of you at rust when we launch it officially might be in the summer or spring break or so I am thinking. R.I.P PrisonRP. Thanks For All The Good Time
  20. thank you man. Give rust a chance. It is an AMAZING game. watch videos on youtube about it. You make some insane memories on there with friends.
  21. fuckin luv u man, its been such a long time and DDG completely changed my life and we have so many insane memories. Im gonna continue with Rust and hopefully continue to let people have memorable experiences. I know we joke around a lot but what you said meant a lot !
  22. I don't make huge deals about gamemodes and servers shutting down, but this is pretty sad. DDG was also the first ever server I've staffed on and it's helped me get some experience on my hand. It was really fun meeting tons of people on here and I enjoyed this server so much. I didn't want to believe this would happen, but it did. I was more of a console gamer rather then a PC player until I got GMOD and first started with prop hunt, until making it to this server in 2015. Then Ieft and came back, and it was an amazing time. GMOD won't be the same without DDG (all the other servers fucking suck lol). Even though I'm not really in to rust, I hope everything goes good with the server. Thanks to everyone and mostly I thank you to @PROGAMING14 and @DDG Rexxor
  23. This announcement kinda hits me a little, I've been part of this community on and off for the past 5 years easily. DDG was the first server I ever staffed on, and the first server I really took seriously. Back when I started playing we were on methrp/darkrp and that was some of my most fond memories ever in that gamemode. Starting as a little mod and working my way up to super admin in such a small amount of time like 2-3 weeks was something crazy. I barely knew anything about gmod and this community has gained me many skills. When it was decided that we would launch I prisonrp server I remember exactly that I truly believed that this was going to be a new era for DDG, and I was right. Over the past 4 years we have gone through so much, and meet so many people it's unbelievable. There have been ups and downs for the community but I always have had fun, I have friends today that I talked with on a regular basis that I wouldn't have had without this community and that's a great thing. Seeing the prisonrp being shutdown is a saddening thing, but something I've seen coming for sometime. I've had my hand in the evolution on this community and I truly believe that I've made a great impact. DDG is the community that made me gain an interest to map, and over the past two years of me mapping i've gained so much skill in that area. I've grown up playing on this communities servers, gone through my whole highschool career with DDG. I'm not an emotional person, but to see DDG going away from gmod is a very sad thing for me to see. This marks an end for PrisonRP but it also marks and beginning for myself, now as an adult it's time for me to put gmod behind. I wish nothing but good luck to @DDG Rexxor in Rust and I believe he can do great things, I hope he becomes successful. It's been a hell of a ride brother good luck.
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