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  4. lost my account,

    lets goo

  5. Twitch affiliate


  6. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis..George W Bush GIF

  7. Hot Dog Reaction GIFah yes, lettuce.Clouds Speedo GIF

  8. Earlier
  9. Making people mad because they break rules 😭

  10. witnessed this nigga kiss someone

  11. we haven't seen a fuel splash in years

    1. Lucinim
    2. Funny Knife Guy

      Funny Knife Guy


    3. Diver


      man became flame


  12. -1
    Sent me weird clips of him moaning
    bro wtf

    1. CowboyStealthy


      Nigga that's cap you fucking jew

    2. Lucinim


      No cap 

  13. This motherfucker was listening to starships

    1. treyway


      starships is gas you trippin

  14. This nigga is turning into the gay, he tried kissing me and was calling me cute, and he got that avoid me vibe.

    1. Lucinim


      Lies bro


  15. Die


    1. Lucinim


      Not very nice of you dude

      gonna have to report you

    2. True Bp
  16. Haha I can't read

  17. This Mf ugly

    1. treyway


      SexxorK OTFK

    2. SGT SExxORus

      SGT SExxORus

      We been TreywayK

  18. need me a big booty egirl😔

  19. HELLO THIS ME Y3llowuproar


  20. this mf bitchmade

    1. Lucinim
    2. SGT SExxORus
    3. Lucinim


      Nah you a opp 


  21. avenge me!

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