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The DarkRP server is now released. IP;

    (NEW) Staff Meeting Time/Dates

    biscuits and gravy
    By biscuits and gravy,

    Staff meetings will be taking place every other Saturday of the week at 7 PM EST on team speak.



    *NEW* *UPDATED* Staff Guide

    [NYPD] Frank Reagan
    By [NYPD] Frank Reagan,

    Digital Delta Gaming Administration Team

    (A guide for new staff members)

    First and foremost welcome to the Administration team on Digital Delta Gaming!!!

    There are a few things you should know before continuing on with the being a Trial Moderator on DDG though. First you should make sure to brush up on the rules I (Frank Reagan) look at them at least once a week just to make sure there are not any major changes another useful tool is the punishment times ill paste them here just to be safe. Anyways all the information below is just for quick reference and most things said are just as a suggestion as this is UNOFFICIAL and hasn't been approved by Rexxor to be marked OFFICIAL.

    Digital Delta Gaming Administration Rules


    1. Common sense. Use your brain before doing things you might regret.

    2. What a Super-Admin+ says is what they say and you must deal with it. They have the final say.

    3. Punishments depending on what they did. Verbal Warn,Jail,Kick,Ban. If they are mass RDMING then simply just jail them and issue a 5 day ban. If you are a t-mod or moderator ask an admin to ban the steamid (if there is no admin+ online then ask a mod to ban for 2 days and put (please update) at the end).

    4. Do not kick for unreasonable reasons. ex: if someone crossfires 2 people then simply jail them for 4 minutes if it was a honest mistake.

    5. Do NOT noclip while RPING (Unless dealing with a current sit). Will be warned, then demoted (GO ON DUTY!)

    6. NEVER duplicate someone's creation without their permission.

    7. If you have god mode while in a raid/RP it is a instant demote.

    8. Be sure you read all of the rules and you understand them.

    9. Be a role model and act MATURE.

    10. Never materialize yourself or others.

    13. Never go on admin-mode (Unless taking sits), while rping = Instant Demote

    14. Always be patient during admin sits. We know people can drive you crazy but a good staff member would stay calm. (Do not call players any rude or disrespectful words no matter what they say!)

    15. Always try to have a "Good Image" with the players! You want to be known on the server as a good staff member.

    16. Asking for a promotion will only lower your chances of getting what you want/deserve.

    17. Do not kick or ban yourself, this will result in a punishment.

    18. If you are Mod you can only ban for a max of 2 days

    Just a suggestion here if you are active on the forums, teamspeak, etc it will increase your chances of a promotion Super Admins are always looking for active and trustworthy staff memebers.

    Digital Delta Gaming Punishment Times


     *If you are jailing for an attempted rule break do half of the jail sentence (RDMx1 is 6 mins so ARDMx1 is 3 mins)

    1. RDMx1 = 6 min jail || RDMx2 = Kick (Unless it was an honest mistake, then jail for another 6 min) || RDMx3 = MRDM 5 day ban (If you are T-Mod then jail them and have someone ban them, if you are Mod then ban for 2 days and ask an admin+ to update it)

    2. NitRP 1st offense = 6 hour ban || NitRP 2nd offense = 2 day ban || NitRP 3rd offense = 5 day ban || NitRP 4th offense = Perm ban 

    3. RDAx1 = 4 mins || RDAx2 = 8 mins || RDAx3 = Kick || RDAx4 = 6 hour ban

    4. NLR 1st offense = 4 min jail || NLR 2nd offense = 8 min jail || NLR 3rd offense = 6 hour ban

    5. Fail RP 1st offense = 4 min jail || Fail RP 2nd offense = 8 min jail || Fail RP 3rd offense = 6 hour ban 

    6. Breaking Base Rules 1st offense = Removal + 3 min jail || Breaking Base Rules 2nd offense = Kick || Breaking Base Rules 3rd offense = 3 hour ban

    7. Breaking Prop Rules 1st offense = Removal + Warning || Breaking Prop Rules 2nd offense = Removal + 4 min jail || Breaking Prop Rules 3rd offense = Kick || Breaking Prop Rules 4th offense = 6 hour ban

    8. Mic Spam or racism 1st offense = Warning to stop || Mic Spam or racism 2nd offense = 3 min gag || Mic spam or racism 3rd offense = 5 min gag || Mic spam or racism 4th offense = Kick || Mic spam or racism 5th offense = 6 hour ban

    9. Racism in chat 1st offense = Warning || Racism in chat 2nd offense = 3 min mute || Racism in chat 3rd offense = 5 min mute || Racism in chat 4th offense = 6 hour ban || Racism in chat 5th offense = 2 day ban

    10. Minge 1st offense = Warning || Minge 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Minge 3rd offense = 2 day ban || Minge 4th offense = 5 day ban || Minge 5th offense = Perma ban

    11. Anything else = Warning // 4 Min Jail // 8 Min Jail // Kick // 6 hour ban

    12. Prop Spamming 1st offense = Kick || Prop Spamming 2nd offense = 6 hour ban || Prop Spamming 3rd offense = Perma Ban

    13. Leaving To Avoid Punishment = 2 Day Ban

    13. Hacking- Permanent Ban

    14. Exploiting- Permanent Ban

    15. Scamming - Permanent Ban

    Digital Delta Gaming Useful Staff Commands


    Opens the logging system so you can see what player has done what.



    Will turn on your god and flying NOTE: Turn it on outside of spawn otherwise it removes the god.



    Will clear cosmetic stuff (Bullet holes, blood, semen, etc) NOTE: This DOESN'T clear lag






    Stops all sounds for everybody on the server NOTE: Doesnt clear lag but it does stop annoying sounds.


    !hp [player] 100

    Sets your hp. DO NOT put this above 100 and only use it when you are on duty.


    !respawn [player]

    Re-spawns the player to spawn.


    !gag [player] [time]

    Makes the player unable to speak, to ungag do !gag again make sure to specify a time.


    !mute [player] [time]

    Makes the player unable to type in chat, to unmute do !mute again make sure to specify a time.


    !slay [player]

    Kills the player.


    !armor [player] [number]

    Sets the armor of the player, DO NOT go over 100.


    !bring [player]

    Brings the player to you.


    !goto [player]

    Teleports you to the player.



    !spectate [player]

    Spectates the player, do !unspectate to stop spectating.


    !freeze [player]

    Freezes the player, to unfreeze do !freeze again


    !strip [player]

    Removes all weapons including physgun, toolgun, ect from the player.



    Gets the players play time.


    !perma [player] [reason]

    Perma bans the player. {ONLY ADMINS+ CAN DO THIS}


    !return [player]

    Returns the player to their original position.


    !ban [player] [number] [second|minute|hour|day|week] [reason]

    Bans the player [Moderators may only ban for 2 days minimum!]


    !kick [player] [reason]

    Kicks the player.


    On behalf of the entire Administration Team of Digital Delta Gaming I congratulate you on making it to the staff team now have fun and follow the rules and you'll be promoted in no time at all! Have fun!



    Staff Meeting READ IF YOU ARE STAFF

    By Guest,

    I'm planning on holding our next staff meeting this Friday 5/25 at 6 p.m eastern time. It will be held in teamspeak so make sure to attend, or make a notice on the forums before hand if you cannot attend

    TS IP:

    Change Log Version 0.3.0

    By Tasty,

    Server Changes

            New          New F4 menu

         Updated      CS:GO knives for Premium VIP have been replaced by new WW2 weapons

         Updated      Some more props have been added to the whitelist

           Fixed         Ieds are now no-collided

           Fixed         PD player models have now been fixed

           Fixed         The Isis player model has now been fixed

           Fixed         Infinite Ammo Perk fixed


    Map Changes

    Inside of prison

            New          Spawn Area

            New          New Escape Method

            New          Camera Room inside the PD

            New          A new button in the Isolation Block that opens/closes all isolation doors

            New          New Mining Cave

            New          New staircase in Warden’s Tower

            New          New room inbetween the Isoblocks

         Updated      New textures around the whole map


    Outside of prison

            New          The 2-floor mansion has been replaced with an abandoned 3-floor mansion

            New          A new room has been added in the underground escape route

            New          Added a ladder inside of the house next to the lake and made a 2nd floor

            New          Extended the bridge by the lake

         Updated      New textures for the Event Area

         Updated      New inside/outside textures for all of the buildings

    Rules Changelog 02/23/2018

    By ToxicSoap,

    Rule Changes:

             New          Mic Spamming will not be tolerated and you will be punished. (Playing music through your mic is considered mic spam)

             New          If you manage to free yourself/get freed by someone else you may try and kill your kidnapper.

             New          Even if you are allied with another organization, you are not permitted to kill anyone who kills them or raids their base. You are strictly just allies which means you will not attack them and they wont attack you.

          Updated      No collided props, invisible props, glow/flickering material.(You may have no collide if you are Hobo w/out contraband) *

          Updated      You must advert the reason for the lockdown before starting it. (If you dont, it is fail rp and you will be jailed)

          Updated      Random weapon checking is not allowed (PD Dog Exempted only if you saw them with the weapon out while it was against the law)

          Updated      Staff Rules and Punishments

          Updated      Custom class rules: Removed CCs ability to be exempt from all laws and Removed CCs ability to be allowed in PD when not working for them.

    Change Log Version 0.2.0

    By Guest,

    Server Changes

             New          PerkShop (Complete Revamp with new perks, and perma weapons)

             New          Printers (New printers from last update all know bugs are fixed)

             New          JukeBox (Made by Quantum, and it's only in it's beta version)

             New          Active Camo (Addon from the workshop fixed and edited by Quantum)

             New          Jobs Jobs Jobs (PD Class, Crime Boss, DJ, also gave Bounty Hunter, Elite Prison Thief, and Parkour more slots)

          Updated      Gag and Mute now require you to state a time (Had to add ungag unmute command)

            Fixed         Disabled Cuffs being used in spawn

            Fixed         Slams and Ieds could be pocketed

            Fixed         All PD Jobs should have access to PD assigned doors

            Fixed         Many other tiny bug fixes most people won't notice


    Map Changes

    (Goes into affect never)

             New          Spawn Area

             New          Gas station outside has been remade

             New          Camera Room inside the PD which controls 5 cameras around the prison

             New          Prison Exit door to courtyard now centered with the main hallway (You'll notice what I'm talking about when you see the map)

            Fixed         Fixed the optimization mess the elevator in the tower

            Fixed         Random wall has the nodraw texture (Invisible/wall hack)

          Updated      As always I worked hard to continue to optimize the map giving even more fps than before




    Change Log Version 0.1.0

    By Guest,


    Server Changes

            New          Black Jack

             New          Roulette

             New          FPS Client Script

          Updated      Printers


    Map Changes

             New          Casino

             New          New Escape Method

             New          Catwalk

             New          Event Area

             New          Button in Iso Block

            Fixed         Stairs by Spawn

            Fixed         Multiple Small Bug Fixes

          Updated      Optimization

    If you have any feedback comment it below!