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    Changelog 10/7/18

    DDG Rexxor
    By DDG Rexxor,

    Heavy Map Optimization and Update
    Timer at Top left telling prisoners what they should be doing
    Economy wipe and Inventory wipe 
    More serious type of role-play being enforced.
    Walkie Talkie System (3D Model & Also for multiple teams)
    City Worker System (Custom). It adds a job called the Prison Janitor where you fix electrical, spillages, and other problems around the prison using your tools.
    Chess/Checkers along with blackjack and roulette 
    Press Plate system for all prisoners located in a dedicated room near cafeteria. You press license plates for $.
    Laundry System where you clean dirty clothes for money.
    New Weapon System (CW 2.0)
    Attachment Vending Machine. Armory Quartermaster can spawn and gets all the money that people spend on the vending machine for attachments. 
    New Leveling System 
    Faction System, choose between prisoner life or government / authority. Do /switchrole to switch sides once every 24 hours.
    New printer system (You get XP from killing and printing)
    Prison Authority jobs are based on Playtime, not level. Warden, Captain, and Lieutenant are whitelist only.
    Renamed government jobs. along with player-models for correctional officers.
    HUD Update
    New Gang system
    New Clothes Vendor

    Staff Meeting


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