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    • DeniedThank you for showing interest on appealing your warning, however, we have decided to deny this warning appeal because you did technically RDM. Even though it doesn't seem like the sit was handled professionally you did RDM so the warn will stay
    • Under ReviewThank you for showing interest on appealing your warning. Please allow the team some time to review this warning appeal.  
    • In Game Name: Naze Ball Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:156291755 Warned by: Ghoully Warn Date: 1/6/2021 Admins Warn Reason: RDM Explain why you were warned and why you believe it was false: In the Sit the guy who wanted me warned kept changing his story first it was I told him I would not kill him after he shot me and I camped spawn and killed him the next was I said I would not kill him after he shot me and I went out of spawn before he did and then killed him after he came out the only true part of both is I killed him at spawn but he also randomly shot me I say this because what I told him I would not shoot him, so after he shot me I chased him for 3 to 4 mins I almost killed him in sewers but he got away then he started to run to spawn and ran into it so with the 1 brain cell I have I decided to press my suicide key to get my weapon I had back then I killed him after that but in all me and the other in the end were both to the wrong at least he could have been warned as well but just me, he even let a guy in the sit before he knew he had nothing to do with it I think the sit I was in was unprofessional I was even frozen in the sit because I shot a guy once it was almost like a tmod was dealing with the sit in all I think I shouldn't have been warned because the sits facts were un clear and the other guys "facts" were not true but Yes I did RDM but the other guy did ARDM and he was not even warned I say he ARDMed because he kept twisting his story to go in his favor and Ghoully would not listen to what I had to say and didn't even consider I was telling the truth yet me and the other guy didn't have any proof of are agreement or events after it and Ghoully heard 5 seconds or so of us talking about it but not enough to know what I agreed to and what I did not in the end I think the sit was unfair because the other guy was never warned and my agreement with the other guy was never recorded are typed down   (Sorry for the bad grammar I didn't have much time to write this down if it gets denied for that I will write it better next time)
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