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    • Dude get some evidence to support your argument or nothing's going to happen 
    •  RP Name: Deluxe Pizza
      Steam Name: SNS Deluxe
      Which one of our servers are you applying for staff on? PrisonRP
      SteamID http://steamidfinder.com/) STEAM_0:1:93987144
      Age (You must be 15 or older to apply): 15
      Do you have a mic? Yes.
      Time on server (you need at least 40 hours of in-game time)  93
      How many hours do you have logged in on Garry's Mod? 421
      What time zone are you in, and what times are you normally on?(ex: EST, GMT, etc...) UTC - 1:00 AM
      Why do you want to be a staff member on DDG, (At least 4 sentences) Because I have a lot of experience in helping people and being a staff, I feel like I would contribute to the server by keeping the server fun and keeping all of the rule breakers out. I would get on everyday so I can keep helping the server, and to prove I'm not lazy.
      Why should we trust you as staff, and what makes you a better choice over other applicants? (At least 4 sentences) Because I have been Moderator/staff on other servers. I would prove that you can trust me by my fairness to other people. I would make sure to ban people only when I need too, and I will follow the rules and read motd.
      How will you contribute to this community other than moderating? I will try to keep this community a less toxic and more fun place for people, I will also donate.
      Do you have any previous warnings/jails, if so what were you warned for? yes once for forgetting to advert escape when trying to escape.
      Do you have any previous Bans, if so what were you banned for? yes I do, it was for mass Rdm, I didn't read the motd and description of my job and that was my mistake, I know now to read motd. Every time I choose a job I always read the job description and motd. I stick to my word when I'm saying I will follow the rules.
      Do you have any previous staff experience, if so what servers also do you have any proof? I've been a moderator on WraithGaming and XenoRP (been a while).
       Do you like to work as a team or prefer alone? I like working with others. I feel like the more people we have working together, the better DDG will be. I like to raid with other people because this makes the server better and more fun.
      Tell us about you outside of Garry's Mod? I am a 15 year old boy that has a part time job as a Electronic Assembler at Antx, Inc. I love teamwork and I am very creative.
      Staff Scenarios? 1. If you witness someone not following the cooldowns for Mugging, Raiding, PD Raiding, etc... what would you do and why? I would check if he RDMed anyone while he did the PD raid, raid, mug... etc and I would ban him for 2 days if mass rdm and ask a super mod to extend this ban. 2. If you witness someone RDM 3 people what would you do and why? If that person is confused on his job and thinks he can terror, I will explain the rules and then ban him for 2 days and let a admin extend this ban. 3. If you witness someone defending their base from a prop that they placed above so they can look down what would you do and why? I would jail him and tell him to remove the props that he placed.
      Closing statements 
      Do you swear to never abuse your powers? I swear to never abuse my powers
      Do you swear to respect all players regardless of race, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and nationality? I swear to respect all players regardless of race, gender, ethnic backgrounds and nationality.
      Do you swear to listen to your superiors? I swear to listen to my superiors.
      Do you swear to moderate the DDG PrisonRP server to the best of your ability? I swear to moderate the DDG PrisonRP server to the best of my ability.