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    Staff Meeting READ IF YOU ARE STAFF

    By Guest,

    I'm planning on holding our next staff meeting this Friday 5/25 at 6 p.m eastern time. It will be held in teamspeak so make sure to attend, or make a notice on the forums before hand if you cannot attend

    TS IP:

    Change Log Version 0.3.0

    By Tasty,

    Server Changes

            New          New F4 menu

         Updated      CS:GO knives for Premium VIP have been replaced by new WW2 weapons

         Updated      Some more props have been added to the whitelist

           Fixed         Ieds are now no-collided

           Fixed         PD player models have now been fixed

           Fixed         The Isis player model has now been fixed

           Fixed         Infinite Ammo Perk fixed


    Map Changes

    Inside of prison

            New          Spawn Area

            New          New Escape Method

            New          Camera Room inside the PD

            New          A new button in the Isolation Block that opens/closes all isolation doors

            New          New Mining Cave

            New          New staircase in Warden’s Tower

            New          New room inbetween the Isoblocks

         Updated      New textures around the whole map


    Outside of prison

            New          The 2-floor mansion has been replaced with an abandoned 3-floor mansion

            New          A new room has been added in the underground escape route

            New          Added a ladder inside of the house next to the lake and made a 2nd floor

            New          Extended the bridge by the lake

         Updated      New textures for the Event Area

         Updated      New inside/outside textures for all of the buildings

    DDG Staff Meeting 24/2/18

    By Tasty,


    Rules Changelog 02/23/2018

    By ToxicSoap,

    Rule Changes:

             New          Mic Spamming will not be tolerated and you will be punished. (Playing music through your mic is considered mic spam)

             New          If you manage to free yourself/get freed by someone else you may try and kill your kidnapper.

             New          Even if you are allied with another organization, you are not permitted to kill anyone who kills them or raids their base. You are strictly just allies which means you will not attack them and they wont attack you.

          Updated      No collided props, invisible props, glow/flickering material.(You may have no collide if you are Hobo w/out contraband) *

          Updated      You must advert the reason for the lockdown before starting it. (If you dont, it is fail rp and you will be jailed)

          Updated      Random weapon checking is not allowed (PD Dog Exempted only if you saw them with the weapon out while it was against the law)

          Updated      Staff Rules and Punishments

          Updated      Custom class rules: Removed CCs ability to be exempt from all laws and Removed CCs ability to be allowed in PD when not working for them.

    Change Log Version 0.2.0

    By Guest,

    Server Changes

             New          PerkShop (Complete Revamp with new perks, and perma weapons)

             New          Printers (New printers from last update all know bugs are fixed)

             New          JukeBox (Made by Quantum, and it's only in it's beta version)

             New          Active Camo (Addon from the workshop fixed and edited by Quantum)

             New          Jobs Jobs Jobs (PD Class, Crime Boss, DJ, also gave Bounty Hunter, Elite Prison Thief, and Parkour more slots)

          Updated      Gag and Mute now require you to state a time (Had to add ungag unmute command)

            Fixed         Disabled Cuffs being used in spawn

            Fixed         Slams and Ieds could be pocketed

            Fixed         All PD Jobs should have access to PD assigned doors

            Fixed         Many other tiny bug fixes most people won't notice


    Map Changes

    (Goes into affect never)

             New          Spawn Area

             New          Gas station outside has been remade

             New          Camera Room inside the PD which controls 5 cameras around the prison

             New          Prison Exit door to courtyard now centered with the main hallway (You'll notice what I'm talking about when you see the map)

            Fixed         Fixed the optimization mess the elevator in the tower

            Fixed         Random wall has the nodraw texture (Invisible/wall hack)

          Updated      As always I worked hard to continue to optimize the map giving even more fps than before




    Change Log Version 0.1.0

    By Guest,


    Server Changes

            New          Black Jack

             New          Roulette

             New          FPS Client Script

          Updated      Printers


    Map Changes

             New          Casino

             New          New Escape Method

             New          Catwalk

             New          Event Area

             New          Button in Iso Block

            Fixed         Stairs by Spawn

            Fixed         Multiple Small Bug Fixes

          Updated      Optimization

    If you have any feedback comment it below!




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    • -1 in my Opinion i do not see this as a good Staff app
    •   How Long Have you Been a Steam Member: 1 year Your Steam Name: Kesuke Miyagi Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:98192312 Age: 15  Current Rank: Premium Vip Time Played: 191 hours Hours in Garry's Mod: 1306 Time Zone: PDT Rank Being Applied For: Trial Moderator  Recommendation:  Previous Staff Experience: Ex-Moderator, Admin for a closed server (Forgot name really old) Why Do You Want To Be Staff: I believe I should become staff because I know how it feels to be waited on for other admins/mods and I will always give 100% of my attention to the community. Another reason I would love to become T-Mod is that I find helping people satisfying. Last time I was Moderator it was awesome and I would love to resume this and move up through the ranks. The last reason to why I want to be staff is that I remember how fun being a Moderator was and I miss those fun times and I would really like that again. What Characteristics do you think makes a good staff member: Some Characteristics that I believe that could make me a viable staff member is that I'm a hardworking dedicated member to the community and like to help, being T-Mod can only help me more. Also I am truthful and honest making it easy to trust me when coming to decisions and other problems. Why Should We Trust You: One reason you should trust me is that I do not play favorites as I've seen other staff done. One reason you can trust me as I have been staff before and I done everything correctly and never had a problem with abusing. You should also trust me because i am always obeying rules and I read the rules every time I login so I know not to make mistakes. My last reason for why you should trust me is that i'm a reliable person you can count on you get stuff done.  Previous Bans: It was because I became warden for the first time and used a USAS and killed PD raiders without realizing I couldn't use any weapon except a pistol and got banned for 2 days. Additional Information: I appreciate everyone who reads my staff application and would like your honest feedback please and thank you!
    • hey tiger lol havent seen u in a while also u picked a bad time to join the server its kinda shitty rn
    • why vroheiman instead of me tho D: also i kinda hope that lawsuit does happen so rexxor can get a smack and mabey become a better owner.....   
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