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🎆PrisonRP will be launching Friday 1/4/2019!!! The Time is not set but most likely 6 PM EST 🎆

    Prison Roleplay Shutting Down

    DDG Rexxor
    By DDG Rexxor,

    As many of you know, within the past few months our population for our Prison Role-play server had immensely decreased. We gave it many different chances and tried reverting content but nothing has worked. We have finally came to the decision to shut down the server and start developing onto a game called Rust. It's been a hell of a ride for PrisonRP, I first founded it in 2015 and it was a big success.

    Not everything last forever, especially since the game-mode itself is dying too. Garrysmod no longer is entertaining and fun to me, I first started playing it at 9 years old and im 17 now. I always kept playing and making server on Gmod because it was fun to me. It's time to move onto a different game for the community to enjoy and make more memories on! The community will always be here, what different servers we may have, will change overtime. 

    Im genuine having fun playing Rust and the community is 10x better than garrysmod. There are barely any rules to follow and you can basically do whatever you want. I am still a bit new to the game and fully learning about how the servers operate. I expect the server to be released within 1-2 Months.

    Check out Rust videos on youtube and see if you guys would be interested in playing, I know a lot of people are going to be playing when our server comes out!

    Thank you to everyone who has supported our Prison Roleplay server, without you guys we would be nothing.

    This is not a goodbye, but just letting you guys know what our plan is for the community.

    Changelog 10/7/18

    DDG Rexxor
    By DDG Rexxor,

    Heavy Map Optimization and Update
    Timer at Top left telling prisoners what they should be doing
    Economy wipe and Inventory wipe 
    More serious type of role-play being enforced.
    Walkie Talkie System (3D Model & Also for multiple teams)
    City Worker System (Custom). It adds a job called the Prison Janitor where you fix electrical, spillages, and other problems around the prison using your tools.
    Chess/Checkers along with blackjack and roulette 
    Press Plate system for all prisoners located in a dedicated room near cafeteria. You press license plates for $.
    Laundry System where you clean dirty clothes for money.
    New Weapon System (CW 2.0)
    Attachment Vending Machine. Armory Quartermaster can spawn and gets all the money that people spend on the vending machine for attachments. 
    New Leveling System 
    Faction System, choose between prisoner life or government / authority. Do /switchrole to switch sides once every 24 hours.
    New printer system (You get XP from killing and printing)
    Prison Authority jobs are based on Playtime, not level. Warden, Captain, and Lieutenant are whitelist only.
    Renamed government jobs. along with player-models for correctional officers.
    HUD Update
    New Gang system
    New Clothes Vendor

    Staff Meeting


    Discord Just Down until further notice. 


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    • I joined PrisonRP in Early December of 2014, and I met so many of my current friends and honestly Imma miss DDG. Everything that ever happened whether it was when I joined the Staff Team for the first time and got to Admin only to be demoted for Staff abuse by Super Admin Hot Dawg. That time i came back for a short time as a Moderator under an entirely new Staff Team. PrisonRP is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had and I do hope that one day it comes back.
    • Sorry to see the Gmod server go. The server was always awesome. I started gmod with 4 hours then came upon the server and now I have 480 hours a good portion of that being here. I wanted to say thank you for the awesome opportunity with becoming staff and meeting a lot of people I will truly never forget it. Though I left a bit ago I usually tend to check on the forums and seeing this made me want to post again. I have Rust but my PC unfortuantely can’t run it at the moment but one day would love to check out the server. Good luck with everything and thank you again for all the fun!
    • Just saw this, sry to see it go. Haven't been on in a long while cause my computer had battery throttling and couldn't hold a game while charging for more than 30 seconds, so I'm getting a new one, better GPU, core i5, and when it comes YOU FUCKING BET I'm hoping on rust. I've loved playing on DDG since 2016 and will love to be a part of your server if and when it comes out dude.   Love ya, keep doing good work, and hope to play with you again someday!
    • i reset the economy because i had problems. Since that day i saw sexxors tiny penis i haven't been the same... @Trigger Warning™
    • @Castiel Angel At least I didn't reset the economy and get perma banned for being a retard super.. But who knows. I probs would do the same if I got super. I guess we'll never know. -Trigger
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