2021-08-22 03:56:32

Changelog August 22nd, 2021

  • New prop control system
  • Reverted f4 menus to see how people respond
  • Updated anti cheat to prevent latest big gmod exploit
  • Juicy and other 1 other vape added to !shop and unbox
  • Hit phone positions switched to the inside of the map on 3 different levels
  • Casino nerfed, slots buffed slightly
  • Spawn protection removed from elevator
  • Certain prices for things increased as economy money circulating has increased from casino
  • Added a level 6 trash level that has better holding and better upgrades slightly
  • Priest job added, no swep yet for the class (they are all garb)
  • Old notification UI added back for now until I find my fav version
  • Small things i forgot to write down...
  • Removed the narrow doorway in front of spawn and around the map
  • prevented prop flying with entities now i believe
  • Adjusted bloods and cripz spawn areas
  • Forest lighting changed last map update
Let me know if any other bugs