2021-08-14 02:04:37

Changelog August 14th, 2021

  • Fixed the elevators/no longer own-able/lockpickable (should be fixed from breaking)
  • Realistic look to the forest with the dark lighting to make it feel more eerie and like a forest.
  • Removed Radios from PD, they were useless
  • Changed lock-picks (there is now a pro lockpick and we are using the old system now) 
  • Elevators is a prop ghost zone now, will be a safe zone coming in these next few days to prevent the bug of it taking your money when trying to spawn a prop in there.
  • Forcefield for basketball court to prevent basketballs from leaving court
  • Sewer water flow inverse was fixed
  • Gates removed due to player blocking in narrow hallways
  • This map update was really focused on just fixing the elevator bug but we ran into some bugs that we didn't notice until it was too late (like the armory door is invisible lol)

Online Changes

- Applications have been MOVED to https://digitaldeltagaming.net/forums
- Application requirements updated. Check Discord for more information
- Minor changes to the forums including a new menu bar for Prison RP to redirect you to links that are helpful (Coming Soon)