2021-04-17 03:31:52

Changelog April 17th, 2021

- Cooking mod added with cooking job in the cafeteria. Use !cook to buy ingredients & to look at instructions
- Gang Flags have been updated

Flags inside bases have been MOVED!
-Elo has been renamed to GYM

- 3 Flags have been added outside the prison per request of suggestions. Mansion Yard, Under Bridge & Storage

- Sewers 2 Flag has been removed & Sewer 1 Flag has been moved on the catwalk outside the bases.

Total Flags: 3 Outside the prison

7 Inside the prison

Outside Mansion Yard
Outside Under Bridge
Outside Storage
In-side Gym
In-side Fight Arena
In-side Sewers 1 on catwalk
In-side Rat Place
In-side Bat Cave
In-side Bloodz
In-side Cripz