2021-04-03 04:01:25

Changelog April 03rd, 2021

  • Removed Gold Digger Job
  • More sewers around the map / trash outside
  • Text-screen in spawn advertising !thirdperson command
  • Cannot arrest somebody in spawn anymore.
  • Mining Buyer position updated to inside of the cave
  • Replaced Piano System with chess/checkers
  • New crash screen that allows chat between players while the server is down (Only for people running chromium version of garrysmod)
  • Removed snowballs
  • New Armory System (Position is outside of vault, because gun shipments get stuck in the roof)
  • New anti crash/lag monitoring system 
  • Gang member added tiers 5 to member upgrade and max balance upgrade
  • New Weed grower playermodel
  • Updated server tickrate to 22 from 16... Will be better FPS for people and better shooting/tick-rate, this is just experimental to see how performance is affected.
I had some more things planned, but ran out of time. Will continue updates next Saturday and continuously work on fixing/adding new things <3