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2020-10-18 02:22:02

Changelog October 18th, 2020

Added 2 new packages to our store.

Both packages allow you to increase your specific prop-count on our PrisonRP server. We offer an upgrade to 60 props, and 80 props max. They are on sale until Monday, thank you.

2020-10-16 03:46:27

Changelog October 16th, 2020

  • Our new pimp and prostitution system (Includes 3 different services, and many other features. Press E on a Prostitute to request her service)
  • Casino System! (Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Texas Holdem Poker coming soon...)
  • Removed Zero's Yeast Making System
  • Removed Trial Moderator from !shop (Application Only now!)
  • Added Tier 3 gang member upgrade (Can have 24 members max now) (Suggestion provided by Castiel)
  • Minor scoreboard adjustments
  • Added safe-zone in casino
2020-10-04 04:09:41

Changelog October 04th, 2020

Halloween Map Update
Miscellaneous small fixes
Lockpick / Keypad cracker added to armory quartermaster

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