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Bug Fix
2020-10-03 01:43:40

Changelog October 03rd, 2020

Fixed ropes not being able to be used on the world
Fixed text-screens causing props to vanish
Changed the sell mode of Meth (Should be able to just press E on it and sell it to the NPC now)
Fixed lights being broken.
Miscellaneous small things
Halloween update coming soon :).
2020-09-29 03:47:48

Changelog September 29th, 2020

  • Adjusted "Reduced Damage" perk on !shop from 50 to 15%. (In attempt to restore balance and fair-play between players! Great suggestion)
  • Removed Zero's Oil System
  • Prison Gold Digger Job (6 Slots) *Court-Yard Use and Pond Dependent*
  • Gold-VIP following bucket entity for the Gold Digger Job (F4 Shop), follows you around as you Shovel, less of a hassle and more of a benefit.
  • Added Zero's Gold Mining to replace. (Makes $55,000 per 1000G of gold, can be a good way of making $ if done proper.)
  • Removed old out-dated economy / tax system
  • New Warden Menu which includes a new safe, law board, and personal warden PC in the tower. The new safe is also somewhere in the tower. 
  • Added property tax for owning doors
  • Added $500 cost per prop (Prison's economy can handle it -_-)
Thank you all for the continuous support!
2020-09-25 02:42:43

Changelog September 25th, 2020

New Prison Sewer Kitty job, that can kill people inside the sewers with a cat swep.
Fixed bug with bitcoin miner cables vanishing after 60 seconds (I think, let me know)
Removed weapons like knives from the bloodz/cripz jobs because it incites too much Mass RDM.
Buffed Oil prices. Can make up to $1400 per gas can as Gold VIP and $1200 as regular user I believe.
Death-Screen System, There is a new NPC at spawn near all the others that sells our new death-cards. (Some are GoldVIP+)
Weapon Checker gun added to most PD jobs

2 player-models added to !cc creation
  • Cat Playermodel (5M)
  • Anonymous Playermodel (15M)
Default spawn time is now 10 seconds for everyone.
  • Gold VIP+ members have a bypass of 5 seconds
  • Premium VIP members have a bypass of 3.5 seconds
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