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2021-06-19 02:54:44

Changelog June 19th, 2021

Rules Updated
[Updated a lot of rules]
- Formatted the rules/removed/added rules that should and shouldn't be there anymore

[Removed General Rule #32 : Arena addon removed]
[Removed Basing Rule: Only gun dealers can build in the gun shops.] No gun shops on this map
[Removed Kidnapping Rule #6: Do not attach players to props, high walls, or ceilings.] Don't have the old system anymore
[Edited Pickpocketing Rule #3 : You must /advert pickpocket and you can only pickpocket one person cooldown is 5 minutes] 
[Removed Raiding Rule #N/A : Prison Painist is no longer a job]
[Removed Raiding Rule #N/A : Prison Gold Digger is no longer a job]
[Removed Raiding Rule #5 : You may only raid with your gang or base members.] No idea why this was even a rule
[Edited Raiding Rule #12 : Do not grenade spam/EMP/Gas grenade spam.] Included EMP/Gas grenades
[Edited Specific Job Rule #3 : Warden CANNOT use explosives]
[Edited Specific Job Rule #4 : Warden's daughter CANNOT use explosives]
[Removed Specific Job Rule #10 : Prison Piano Man] no longer a job

- Fixed basing rule numbers with the repetitive 1  2 3's 
2021-06-12 03:48:18

Changelog June 12th, 2021

  • Removed dances/animation system
  • Removed death-screen system
  • Added Mustard Gas Grenade (to !shop and certain pd jobs and a to the master raider class and PD Juggernaut for goldvip.) We are soon gonna add this to the !unboxing system so people can get this item with RP money instead of having to use a job for it.
  • Updated info style above peoples heads to our custom hud to make it more compact.
  • Gas Mask accessory added awhile ago, it does not protect against the new gas grenade, only the actual entity the new job can buy does.
  • Prop: cube025x025x025 added back to whitelisted
  • Knife crate added by Beef awhile ago, never announced on changelog
  • Removed broken bong from !cc and added cherry bowl that’s working
  • Buffed MP7 damage by a bit, now does 28 damage per hit instead of 24
  • GoldVIP can use !stopsounds (don’t spam it or your rank can be taken away)
  • New betting limit of 1M for Roulette
  • Fixed jail position problem

2021-05-26 03:11:36

Changelog May 26th, 2021

  • New upgraded version of our Zero's Meth System
  • Has many Gold / Premium VIP benefits including (Higher selling rates of meth. Premium = 1.5, GoldVIP = 1.75, Staff = 1.85. VIP also gets access to high tier meth crystal creation, and huge crystal tents!).
  • New single cosmetic related to the meth system
Tutorial for Meth:
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