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2020-12-16 01:51:43

Changelog December 16th, 2020

Map Update
Bug Fix
2020-12-15 02:01:07

Changelog December 15th, 2020

Fixed it to where people could not see the job descriptions of jobs they were not allowed onto.
2020-12-12 02:41:12

Changelog December 12th, 2020

  • Added back the new F4 menu after fixing the urgent bugs with it (Includes the rewards ppl have been asking about)
  • Kidnap knocked out time increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Weed growing tablets, cables, and watercan is now available on !ec for goldvip+ on the in-game cc maker
  • Added arrest and unarrest batons for all staff on duty classes
  • Attempted to fix the printer locked glitch for people (Let me know if it is or not in dm's please, ty)
  • Weed grower can now spawn 2 dry racks.
  • Max members for gangs is now 32. Added Tier 4 to the max members limit, must be level 85 for the gang and it costs 7.5 Million.
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