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2021-04-18 02:39:47

Changelog April 18th, 2021

  • You can now purchase a full warnings removal from your account for only 3000 credits, we will offer different cheaper tiers of this method as time goes on. This is the only current package regarding warn removals.
  • Adjusted PD arresting system to where once a person is arrested, the arresting person must take the person to the jailer NPC in PD and use that, to decrease the amount of Mass RDA we get. Also a bit more realistic / fun. The officers can drag the people and search them.
  • Trial Moderators can spectate now
  • Goes in effect 4/18/2021 8AM eastern
2021-04-17 03:31:52

Changelog April 17th, 2021

- Cooking mod added with cooking job in the cafeteria. Use !cook to buy ingredients & to look at instructions
- Gang Flags have been updated

Flags inside bases have been MOVED!
-Elo has been renamed to GYM

- 3 Flags have been added outside the prison per request of suggestions. Mansion Yard, Under Bridge & Storage

- Sewers 2 Flag has been removed & Sewer 1 Flag has been moved on the catwalk outside the bases.

Total Flags: 3 Outside the prison

7 Inside the prison

Outside Mansion Yard
Outside Under Bridge
Outside Storage
In-side Gym
In-side Fight Arena
In-side Sewers 1 on catwalk
In-side Rat Place
In-side Bat Cave
In-side Bloodz
In-side Cripz
2021-04-03 04:01:25

Changelog April 03rd, 2021

  • Removed Gold Digger Job
  • More sewers around the map / trash outside
  • Text-screen in spawn advertising !thirdperson command
  • Cannot arrest somebody in spawn anymore.
  • Mining Buyer position updated to inside of the cave
  • Replaced Piano System with chess/checkers
  • New crash screen that allows chat between players while the server is down (Only for people running chromium version of garrysmod)
  • Removed snowballs
  • New Armory System (Position is outside of vault, because gun shipments get stuck in the roof)
  • New anti crash/lag monitoring system 
  • Gang member added tiers 5 to member upgrade and max balance upgrade
  • New Weed grower playermodel
  • Updated server tickrate to 22 from 16... Will be better FPS for people and better shooting/tick-rate, this is just experimental to see how performance is affected.
I had some more things planned, but ran out of time. Will continue updates next Saturday and continuously work on fixing/adding new things <3
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