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2021-02-15 01:10:45

Changelog February 15th, 2021

  • Hidden camera bind changed to Z
  • Added both grappling hooks to !EC menu
  • Changed bind for dancing menu to F7
  • Added a variety of different betting prices for Roulette Tables
  • Granted access for Prison Hunter and Corrupt Guard to use Cuffs
  • Removed Nightstick from all PD Classes
2021-02-05 01:38:42

Changelog February 05th, 2021

  • New animation system. NPC in spawn, hold O on your keyboard to use the dances. Some are free, some cost RP money, some require goldvip+, some cost credits. More will be added as well. Enjoy. 
2021-01-30 01:24:38

Changelog January 30th, 2021

New printing system (With 4 different tiers) Users can buy tier 1 and 2. 
Added printer bag on raiding classes.

Will go in effect at 8AM as always.
Please be patient if there are any bugs or problems after the restart.
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