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2021-08-01 02:36:16

Changelog August 01st, 2021

  • Removed food and thirst system
  • removed scratch cards
  • removed spawning with knives for certain groups (takes up too much inventory space, knifes are available on !unbox anyways).
  • Added many more trash spots on the inside of the prison, and many more manholes in the sewers.
  • Changed donate button on the leaderboard in spawn to a "rules" tab so people can still access them while the MOTD is bugged.
  • Added new farming system (really fun).
  • Everyone is able to sell metal bars from the mining system regardless of what job you are
  • Increasing gang war kill limit of 2 to 10. Should help with people getting demoted during gang wars for shooting cops and what not. Just be careful because there is still a limit.
  • Increased in-game cc weapon limit from 20 to 50.
  • Grappling sounds removed (thank the lord)
  • Regular grappling hook added to in-game cc menu. Same price as the other one.
2021-07-19 00:49:37

Changelog July 19th, 2021

  • New anti-cheat system to detect against aimbot, esp, even c++ cheats and what not.
  • Kidnapping is now available on in-game cc's. You can buy and use the restrains, the baton still needs to be decided about. It's quite expensive for the restrains.
  • New gambling machine, Scratch cards.
  • Prop shadow remover tool added (great suggestion)
2021-07-04 02:33:10

Changelog July 04th, 2021

  • Reduced prop count cost down to $350
  • Trial Premium VIP now lasts for 7 days instead of 3.
  • Removed police models for in-game cc's
  • Did some testing with cc's and future new addons that will be coming but aren't ready yet. (If something is not right, let me know) I did some database work to see if I can possibly fix the cc's myself.
Not enough time to do a larger update, will do a bigger / better one next week.
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